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Montana Business Licenses and Regulations

Business Licenses

Montana business licenses and permits are not just a requirement when registering a small business in Montana, but they are also a part of the requirements to maintain your good standing with the state.

There are different business licenses in Montana that correspond to the type of business you’re operating, the business entity you chose (LLC, Corporation, DBA), or whether you’re selling goods or providing services. It is crucial that you process for the required licenses and permits of your business, so you can operate legally.

Although not completing these Montana business license requirements at the start of your business still allows you to operate, be prepared to face serious complications when governing Montana agencies discover this. Failure to comply with state guidelines and regulations when it comes to business licenses can result to a plethora of fines and penalties.

At most, when you finally decide to obtain a license, you might be required to conform to a waiting period until the state deems appropriate.

This guide aims to help every Montana startup entrepreneur complete the requirements for business licenses and permits by directing him to the appropriate government agencies and organizations that provide information and help on how to complete these obligations.


1) Montana State Website

Business WebsiteThe Montana Secretary of State not only has the complete details from which you can find comprehensive information on everything that concerns business licenses, permits, and certifications, but it also features an Online Service portal where you can apply for specific licenses and permits whether for professional services or goods sold.

A special section is dedicated to business licenses where you can find a complete list of the licenses. This section has a license index that when you click a specific license link, you are immediately directed to the official website of the agency that implements that specific license.

2)  City Applications – Montana

City Applications provides a guide on Montana business licenses with a discussion on the need of business licenses at the federal, state, and county levels plus the basic requirements for obtaining these.

It provides three links for entrepreneurs looking to obtain business licenses in the city of Billings, Great Falls, or Missoula. From there, clicking the links will direct you to another customized guide for business licenses and its requirements for that specific state.


For a straightforward guide on how to get a business in Montana, you can check out

From obtaining an Employer Identification Number from the IRS to contacting the Montana Secretary of State for details, official forms, and registration of your business entity to contacting the local city or county office to comply with local license requirements, presents all these in a simple and concise manner so you can easily get around to these requirements.

Most importantly, the guide features a link of the corresponding agencies that you can request information from on a specific license or permit.

4) Montana Business Licenses Directory

For comprehensive listing of Montana business licenses, the Montana Business Licenses Directory is a valuable resource that should be included in your go-to list.

This directory provides a number of resources for statewide licenses in corporations and individual businesses. It also features business license links to cities across the state. Each of the featured resources in the directory is also linked to the corresponding website where you can find help in obtaining business licenses.

5) Montana Small Business Development Center Network

The Montana SBDC is a non-profit organization that provides all-out small business startup support services to aspiring entrepreneurs. Licensing requirements is one aspect of a business startup that the Montana SBDC provides assistance for, with a dedicated special section on Licensing.

On this section, an index of links for various licenses that range from agricultural, gambling, contractors, and professional and occupational sectors are listed. In each license type, the corresponding links on how to process it are also provided. A link for One Stop Licensing is also provided complete with contact details and the official website.

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