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LivePlan vs Business Plan Pro: Which is Better?

Business Plan Pro Vs Livepan

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative article LivePlan vs Business Plan Pro, the top software choices in the business planning world. Well, at least in our opinion anyway. Our opinion is based on feedback from readers, user reviews/testimonials, overall features and pricing, etc. Enjoy!

The first thing you should know is…both are made by the same company! Palo Alto Software is amazing because they’ve been kneck-deep in the startup era for close to 30 years. So it’s not so much about better vs worse, but which has the style and features that suit your particular situation best. Let’s begin.


What LivePlan & Business Plan Pro Share in Common


Popular LivePlan Selling Points


How Business Plan Pro Features Compare

Business Plan Pro ReviewTo be honest here, Business Plan Pro doesn’t have any features that are “better” than LivePlan. Again, the idea of LivePlan vs Business Plan Pro is odd because they’re built by the same company. Although Business Plan Pro has been around longer with excellent features, LivePlan is their cloud-based, faster, and more feature rich version.


Pricing & Features: LivePlan vs Business Plan Pro

LivePlan and Business Plan Pro offer their services in different ways  and they also differ in terms of pricing. Here’s a quick look at at both to help you with this LivePlan vs Business Plan Pro conundrum.

LivePlan’s Pricing Structure

LivePlan Promo Code and Pricing


What Your Business Plan Could Look Like With LivePlan

LivePlan Business Plan Pitch


Business Plan Pro Pricing

Business Plan Pro has two editions: the Standard which is priced at $99.95 and Premier at $159.95. Both editions offer different features, but here’s a couple screenshots to give you the gist.

Business Plan Pro Review


Business Plan Pro Reviews and Features Business Plan Pro Reviews

The Final Verdict?

At the end of the day it comes down to whether you want the seasoned version that's a bit more pricey but a great option for legions of entrepreneurs and startups...or the more modern, cloud-based, and "savvier" software.

LivePlan also has a 60-day money back guarantee so try their business planning software risk-free. Take it for a test run. Chances are you'll be impressed. What's important is you make your move, take the leap, and begin leveraging the power this software puts behind your brand.

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