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LessAccounting vs FreshBooks: Which is Better?

LessAccounting Vs FreshBooks

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative LessAccounting vs FreshBooks article where we look at commonalities, differences, service packages and pricing to help you figure out if either is the right accounting software for your business. Enjoy!


10 Features LessAccounting & FreshBooks Share

  1. Provide time tracking tools for accurate billing, great for freelancers and indie contractors.
  2. Allows third party app integration so you can leverage many other tools and resources.
  3. Organize and secure your expenses with both software’s expense tracking tools.
  4. From small to large companies, from accountants to real estate brokers, they’re versatile.
  5. Invoicing tools enable you to make your own, format/customize and send with a click for fast billing.
  6. Sync bank account and credit/debit card data with your account through reconciliation tools.
  7. Automatically generate savvy financial reports, graphs, and charts galore to stay on top of your numbers.
  8. Cloud-based, with access anytime, anywhere, on any device as long as there’s an internet connection.


Distinct LessAccounting Features


Popular FreshBooks Features


Packaging & Pricing: LessAccounting vs FreshBooks

LessAccounting and FreshBooks have very distinct ways of packaging their services and slapping a price tag on them. LessAccounting keeps it ultra-simple, while Xero brings a massive feature-rich platform to the table. Let’s look at LessAccounting’s setup.


LessAccounting pricing

LessAccounting Pricing and Features

Pretty straightforward, with their structure being broken down according to your business expenses or accounting needs. Here’s some features in all the plans though so you can get an idea:


A Quick Look Inside LessAccounting

Now let’s take a look at the actual software itself so you can get a feel for it. The style of data-presentation providers like LessAccounting and FreshBooks use are big determining factors because it goes a long ways in determining how easy the data is to look at, use, and implement. It’s a major differentiator along with pricing and features. What follows are three of their dashboards and the Reports Overview page.

LessAccounting Review

LessAccounting Review and Features

LessAccounting Reviews

LessAccounting Reviews and Features


FreshBooks pricing

FreshBooks lays it out in a fun and creative way. Sprout is obviously for your average solopreneur or freelancer. Seedling and Evergreen are for smaller startups and Mighty Oak handles the rest. FreshBooks Pricing

The sheer amount of features are really too numerous to list and no one’s made a neat little infographic yet. We should get on that! Needless to say they’re going to be slightly more feature-rich than LessAccounting, or at least that’s the word on the digital street.

Keep in mind before you fully dive into FreshBooks, you can try it for free for 30 days and no credit card required. That said, let’s see what their style is like.


A Quick Look Inside FreshBooks

FreshBooks Expense Tracking

FreshBooks Time Tracking Projects

FreshBooks Accounting Reports


Which Should You Choose

This has really just been a basic rundown on both LessAccounting and FreshBooks, but you probably already have an idea for which one sounds best of the two. What’s important here though is that you follow through on this desire to get a better grip on your finances and leverage the immense power of modern accounting software.

Make Your Move

Of the two, FreshBooks seems like a clear winner but that's not to say LessAccounting isn't a great option. Lots of it is preferential. Startup Savant actually uses Xero because we feel they're the best and you get the most for your money. Make your move and conquer your financials. Here's to a great year ahead!

Try FreshBooks Or Discover Xero

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