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Kashoo vs QuickBooks Online: Which is Better?

Kashoo Vs QuickBooks

Good day to you and welcome to Startup Savant’s quick comparative article tackling the Kashoo vs QuickBooks Online question – which is ideal for you and your brand’s accounting software needs? By looking at their commonalities, certain differences, package options and pricing we hope to help you make that decision. Let’s get started!


10 Kashoo & QuickBooks Commonalities

  1. Allows third party integration from a variety of providers.
  2. Bank integration tool which you can use to sync your credit/debt cards and bank info info your account.
  3. Cloud-based, which means you can log-in to your account on any device as long as an internet connection is available.
  4. Multiple-user support enabling you to collaborate with others while controlling permissions.
  5. Daily dashboards where you can check every detail of your business’ finances (such as profit and loss, balance sheet and other financial reports).
  6. Expenses are easier to trace because of their expense tracking tools.
  7. Invoicing tool that allows you to create any type of invoice, customize and send them to your clients.
  8. Time tracking tool enables you to log and bill hours.
  9. Share feature allowing you to sync files so other members of your team can see them.
  10. Automated financial statements and reports for easier financial monitoring.


Package Pricing: Kashoo vs QuickBooks Online

When it comes to packages and pricing, Kashoo and QuickBooks Online have two unique approaches. Kashoo only has one plan while QuickBooks breaks their services into 3, (plus another one for individual contractors). Let’s breeze through what each of these accounting software solutions have to offer.

Kashoo pricing

Kashoo Pricing and Plans

Included in this Kashoo plan are some of the following services:


A Quick Look At Kashoo

Kashoo Accounting Software

As you’ll see below, these two have very different styles of data-presentation. Kashoo has done a decent job of breaking apart the information but we personally feel their color scheme could be far better. Because of all the white space and light colors, it’s a little harder to focus on one specific set. What do you think? Here’s a typical balance sheet:

kashoo Features

Filing out customer details and profiles is pretty standard, not too many bells and whistles here. Just clean, streamlined accounting software that will help you get the job done for a very affordable price.

Kashoo Review and Features


QuickBooks Online pricing

QuickBooks Online has 3 accounting plans for small businesses: Simple Start, Essentials and the Plus. Self-employed or individual contractors may also use the software for just $7.99 every month. The table below will show you each plan’s features and pricing.QuickBooks Pricing

As you can see, the Simple Start is priced at $10.36 per month, the Essentials at $18.86 and the Plus at $23.97. If you use QuickBooks with payroll, you can take advantage of the 50% discount. QuickBooks Online also offers a free 30-day trial so you can try the software for yourself before deciding to subscribe to their paid plans.


A Peak Into QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Review

As you can see it’s clean and tidy with a left-side navigational menu and it does a pretty good job of summarizing the important data you depend on. Will it take some time to learn the ins and outs? Yep. And it should. Here’s a shot of the Customers section:

QuickBooks Online Features

And the good stuff, sales transaction which are tracked, able to be filtered, printable, and so on. We’d like to show more, for example down into the apps section but there’s no point is bombarding your brain. These should give you an idea for how it feels to use and work with QuickBooks.

Quick Books Online Features and Review


Ready to Pivot?

Most startups struggle the first couple years and then there’s either a pivot or series of pivots that lead to the next levels of growth, or it sinks. One of the biggest pivots has to do with money/capital/resource management. And, without a doubt, accounting software plays a tremendous role. It’s why millions, hundreds of millions of small business use these programs.

Make Your Move

Along with QuickBooks Online and Kashoo, there's Xero. It's what we use to manage Startup Savant's financials. Regardless, find the right solution that works for you and begin leveraging the power of modern accounting software.

Discover Xero Or Try Kashoo

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