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iPlanner vs StratPad: Which is Better?

Iplanner Vs StratPad

Well hey there, welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative iPlanner and StratPad article where we breakdown their pricing packages and features, and take sneak-peaks into their software so you can get an idea of how it feels/behaves.

Seven Second Summary

Based on the following comparison, we feel StratPad comes out on top for most of our readers. That said, we also feel our favorite planning software LivePlan is a much better option than either iPlanner or StratPad.

What iPlanner and StratPad Share in Common


Focal iPlanner Features


Popular StratPad Features


Pricing & Presentation: iPlanner vs StratPad

We chose four screenshots to enhance this iPlanner vs StratPad breakdown that show their pricing structure and provide a peak into their software. Could we have gone nuts and bombarded you with visuals? Sure, but the goal here is to get you past the decision-making process into taking action, choosing a provider, and on to the benefits! Let’s jump in to pricing.


iPlanner Pricing

iPlanner has three simple plans: Professional, Corporate and Corporate Plus. And yes, we know this isn’t as pretty as other providers, but that’s iPlanner. Basic website, basic software, and basic features – hence the very affordable pricing. To be frank, some people actually find their website challenging BECAUSE of how simple it is. Pricing

For the Professional plan, you can subscribe from 3 to 12 months. You can only make one plan if you go this route though, which may be absolutely fine. In the Corporate service level, you can subscribe for 6 to 12 months and create as many as 500 plans which if you’re a solopreneur or startup is probably a little unnecessary. The following screenshot shows an example Financial Plan page within the iPlanner dashboard.


A Quick Look Inside iPlanner Review


StratPad Pricing

StratPad’s very different, with four plans and much more robust features. Chances are if you go with StratPad, you should start either with their basic Business Plan or jump right into Planning Expert. What’s confusing is how geared towards business planning coaches and advisors they seem to be.

StratPad Pricing and Features

Does it say a ton that they teach and certify literal business planning experts? Yes, obviously. But that doesn’t mean their core software isn’t applicable to a broad range of different folks. The Workshop Leader plan is also pretty interesting and all this training couldn’t hurt. Although if you don’t have the time and aren’t interested in certification features and so forth…

All that aside, let’s look at their dashboard and a smidgen of their style of data presentation.

A Quick Look Inside StratPad

StratPad Review


iPlanner vs StratPad or LivePlanWrite a Business Plan

Sort of an odd paring. But listen, if basic is what you crave and you aren’t interested in bells and whistles head to iPlanner. On the other side of the spectrum, if you’re interested in the StratPad approach and all that extra training sounds like a good investment, have at it! We feel of the two, StratPad has more to offer the majority of our readers though.

However, if you’re looking for savvy, modern, beautiful and user-friendly planning software our #1 suggestion is definitely LivePlan. We’ve been using them since Day 1 and maintain our plan on their cloud-based platform with ease. Consider giving them a couple minutes of your time, because they could quickly seal the deal so you can move on. Cheers and here’s to an incredible year ahead.

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