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5 Incorporation Resources for Arkansas Startups

Online Incorporation Resources

Starting a business in Arkansas is exciting, but you need to understand by now that you have to commit time, effort, resources and patience to make everything happen.

You have a lot of responsibilities on your plate and one very important step that you need to complete is the process of incorporation. To help you understand more, we’re going to talk about the process in this article.

It doesn’t matter if you’re forming a Corporation in Arkansas or an LLC, incorporating your business under these business structures will involve a number of forms. Here’s a list of the top 5 resources I recommend looking into for incorporating a business online. Each incorporation service will handle all legal paperwork for you.


1) IncFile | $49

IncFile Review

IncFile deserves the number one spot on this list because it is the most affordable online incorporation service on the market. It has comprehensive and useful features as well as the most affordable pricing.

Started in 2004, IncFile has assisted over 50,000 entrepreneurs incorporate their business on a budget. Some of the features/services that you can use include the following:

These are just a few of the features that you can use to jumpstart your Arkansas startup. You can find out more about IncFile by reading our comprehensive review.


2) CorpNet | $79

CorpNet ReviewCorpNet was founded in 2008 by a husband-wife team of entrepreneurs from Southern California. The incorporation service only has one goal – to assist new entrepreneurs incorporate their business on a budget.

As a relatively new company, CorpNet understands the struggles that new and small businesses go through. That said, it provides the great features to make things easier. Here is a quick list:

Check out what more the online incorporation service has to offer by reading our CorpNet review.


3) MyCorporation | $69

BizFilings ReviewMyCorporation is another excellent online incorporation service that was launched in 1999. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. MyCorporation is not the most affordable in the industry, but it has great features:

MyCorporation will help you through every step of the incorporation process so you don’t have to worry about any paperwork not being taken care of. Read more about the incorporation provider by checking out our complete MyCorporation review.


4) My New Company | $79

My New Company ReviewMy New Company has been around since 2001 and since then it has assisted over 40,000 business owners form their LLC’s and Corporations.

My New Company also has an A+ rating from the BBB, a 98% customer recommendation rate, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Its best features include:

Check out the online incorporation service more by reading our My New Company review.


5) Rocket Lawyer | $99

Rocket Lawyer ReviewRocket Lawyer is another online incorporation service worth looking into. It specialized in incorporating online and other legal services you might require. Here are some of Rocket Lawyer’s most notable features:

To learn more about this service for incorporating online, you can read our Rocket Lawyer review.


Wrapping Up and Choosing an Online Incorporation Service

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessAn online incorporation service has its pros and cons, but if you try to weigh in the two, its advantages are definitely greater. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which is right for you while starting a business.

If you choose to use an incorporation provider, I highly recommend that you look into these 5 resources. They are some of the best in the industry and provide a lot of value to up-and-coming Arkansas entrepreneurs.

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