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The 9 Best Services to Incorporate a Business Online

The Best 9 Resources to Incorporate a Business Online

Incorporate a business online, are you out of your gourd, it can’t be done! There’s no way you can just click a few buttons in cyberspace, make a call, answer some questions and have a savvy team of professionals take care of the entire process for you.

For less than couple hundreds bucks plus state registration fees? Pfft, come on.

Here’s the deal bub, you’ve either got to stay unincorporated like most of your competition, wade through deep waters of red tape yourself, or cough up/borrow enough dough to hire a business lawyer and…

Wait a moment, what’s with the boxes of content beginning to appear below?

These must be the brands millions of former unincorporated small businesses have turned to over the last decade or two.

They must be shysters, scammers! It’s the old school method of incorporation or bust! Admittedly though, because they’re hailed as the best bets to turn to if you’re ready to incorporate a business online I’m as curious as you are. Look at those prices…

Let’s take a gander, oh nice and there’s access to reviews too!


1) IncFile | starting at $49

IncFile ReviewIncFile is arguably #1 because of pricing, package flexibility, and customer service. Their features aren’t too shabby either.

From free Registered Agent service to 24h doc-prep, real time Order Tacking, free shipping, and compliance tools that keep you updated… whoa! If you’re bootstrapping, searching for a safe and reliable way to incorporate a business online IncFile is a go-to source extraordinaire.

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2) LegalZoom | starting at $149

IncFile vs LegalZoom reviewLegalZoom is another safe, secure, and seasoned player in the online incorporation space with their own tribe of small-biz owners.

On their site you can easily find forms, they meticulously check everything, and offer appealing package deals for startups. Why more expensive? LegalZoom’s a big operation with extensive services which means more overhead than leaner ultra-focused companies like IncFile.

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3) BizFilings | starting at $99

BizFilings ReviewHaving opened their doors in 1996 (the year internet host computers skyrocketed from 1 million to 10 million), BizFilings is one of the more experienced online incorporation providers in the industry.

Here’s something you wouldn’t expect: their blog isn’t half bad. From their Legal Help Center to their vast assortment of tools and network of lawyers, BizFilings has been in the game this long for a reason.

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4) CorpNet | starting at $79

CorpNet ReviewChoosing a legal structure is a major challenge for entrepreneurs. If you decide to use CorpNet’s platform, be sure to check out their Business Structure Wizard. This is by far CorpNet’s most unique feature.

CorpNet packages are priced $79 to $249, which is well within the industry standard but like IncFile they have great customer service teams and plenty of resources waiting to be leveraged.

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5) MyCorporation | starting at $69

MyCorporation ReviewAside from incorporation services, MyCorporation offers trademarking, logo design and online bookkeeping. But what really sets it apart from other providers is its community forum.

The community forum allows you to talk to other members and discuss relevant issues. You can ask questions and get answers concerning their four affordable package options priced between $69 to $299.

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6) My New Company | starting at $79

My New Company ReviewMy New Company has a neat free startup guide specific to the state you’re incorporating in and members get lifelong access to their own unique account – the most notable feature of the company.

They definitely stand staunchly behind their goal of providing, “exceptional service, for less money, with much more included in each business formation package.”

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7) Rocket Lawyer | starting at $99

Rocket Lawyer ReviewRocket Lawyer will incorporate a business online for free if you’re a member of their legal subscription service. However, in all honesty some people have had trouble with this.

For non-members, the incorporation price is $99.95 which is very competitive and keep in mind millions of people from across the globe use their platform.

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8) Direct Incorporation | starting at $139

Direct Incorporation ReviewFounded in 2003 by a group of lawyers and business experts, some of their best features include a Business Compliance Program, a friendly support team and a Client Resource Center.

They’re among the few online providers who offer a free website domain in all its packages. Prices are between $139 to $773 for the more comprehensive kits.

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9) The Company Corporation | starting at $99

The Company Corporation ReviewOne of the pioneers in the incorporation industry, they’ve been around for 115 years! Delivering quality services to a wide clientele.

Some notable features include a compliance tool, a 50,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee and an eLearning Center which stores hundreds of helpful materials like eBooks, webinars, how-to guides and a lot more.

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Wrapping Up and Funding a BusinessAs you incorporate a business online, or choose which provider to go with, try not to be too impulsive. You’re probably excited and pumped up but be sure you’re choosing the provider with the best package to suit your needs. Each provider above has a slightly different way of going about things.

If you want to skip all that, and would rather just opt for the most popular option today that Startup Savant stands behind, we’d say head on over to IncFile.

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