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IncFile vs Which is the Better Service?

IncFile vs

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative article IncFile vs Both are high-quality and dependable options when it comes time to incorporate your business online instead of spending lots of capital on lawyers unnecessarily. These companies are on top of their game and handle the entire process for you at a fraction of the cost.

As you’ll see it’s all about package options and how much you get for your money. Let’s dive into their commonalities first then we’ll go through everything else in a speedy digestible fashion. Enjoy!


What IncFile and Share

Whoa! At the end of the day these companies are bringing much more to the table aside from just filing your paperwork on time with the right state/federal agencies. Let’s see how they’ve set themselves apart.


Stellar IncFile Features


Ways Sets Themselves Apart


Pricing & Packages: IncFile vs

Okay now we’re getting into the meat and bones. We’ll talk features as well as pricing, but MAKE SURE you understand that these prices are outside and atop the state filing fees where you intend to incorporate. Get these figured out for the actual sticker price.

IncFile Pricing | Starts at $49

Right now no other incorporation provider can beat IncFile when it comes to pricing. It’s the most affordable in the industry with three packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum. As you can see everything is laid out in very simple terms.

IncFile Pricing 1

Let’s say you’re incorporating an LLC with IncFile. Here are the features you’ll have included in every package you could choose:

IncFile Pricing 2

From there, you’ll be able to look at the additional features and add-ons (below) to determine which package suites your needs the best. Although the Platinum package has the incredibe value, most new business owners choose the Gold package.

Note: If you would like a custom website built for your business, check out the Platinum package. IncFile partnered with a website building company who takes care of the entire process. You pick the template and they customize it for you.

IncFile Pricing 3

All of IncFile’s packages have common features from the document preparation and filing to the next business day processing. Except for the Silver package, there are a few add-ons for the Gold and Platinum packages. Pricing | Starts at $99

The Company Corporation also has three packages, The Starter, The Essentials and The Works. All three are packed with features with optional add ons. Right away it’s easy to see why The Essentials is their popular option The Company Corporation Pricing and Review

All that at a great price with optional business coaching. How good is it? What’s involved? Please, if this is something you’re interested in I suggest giving them a call. Find out what’s involved and Google for recent reviews. Make no mistake, The Works is also a very popular option among their family of startups and companies.

Here's The Bottom Line

The choice is yours, but it's pretty common for newcomers to need a little help choosing. We're fans of both IncFile and and believe you'll be in very good hands either way. That said though, we do think IncFile comes out ahead in certain respects for the average bootstrapping startup.

Here's how it all boils down, now get out there, incorporate, get your brand officially recognized and reap the many rewards. Cheers!

IncFile for $49 Or Incorporate for $99

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