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IncFile vs LegalZoom: Who Wins?

IncFile vs LegalZoom

Okay, let the games begin, we got an IncFile vs LegalZoom showdown about to go explode in this article. With both IncFile and LegalZoom having been around for a decade and helped start over 75,000 companies, they’re the two most searched for and popular online incorporation services available.

But who wins? Who is better? Now, while we’re not into words like “better” and “worse” both companies two have things that are distinct about them and these differences are probably what you’re looking for to make a decision. First, let’s talk commonalities and then cover what sets them apart in regards to features and prices. At the end we’ll give you our pick.

Quick Note: Out of the hundreds of entrepreneurs who come to this comparison each month, many have emailed us mentioning that IncFile is the one they choose. By starting your business with IncFile, you save $100 and get the same level of service.


What IncFile and LegalZoom have in Common

IncFile and LegalZoom will take care of the entire incorporation process for you. No need to touch any legal documents or learn legal-lingo. All you do is answer simple questions about your business and they take care of the rest. Aside from this, here are the additional things they have in common:

Although they have many features in common, they also have features that distinguish them from one another. Let’s talk about those.


Distinct IncFile Features

IncFile ReviewOne of IncFile’s advantages is the tracking system that allows you to check the status of your new business in real time. Just to go to their “check order status” page and enter your order number for a quick update.

The biggest difference is pricing. IncFile is undeniably cheaper than LegalZoom and charges $100 less for nearly the same features. With IncFile’s basic package being just $49, saving an extra $100 is extremely appealing to entrepreneurs who are starting a business on a tight budget.


Distinct LegalZoom Features

IncFile vs LegalZoom reviewWhile IncFile has an effective tracking system that attracts many entrepreneurs, LegalZoom gives you a customized Operating Agreement which is important for any new business. It automatically checks for spelling mistakes or other errors.

Last but not least (in their middle package) LegalZoom gives you 3 months of QuickBooks Online free to help manage your new business’ finances.


Pricing: IncFile vs LegalZoom

IncFile and LegalZoom offer similar services. However, there is a big difference when it comes to their pricing. Here is a quick overview of the pricing and features when you choose either of their services.

IncFile Pricing | $49

There are three IncFile packages that you can choose from: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each package has different features to help start a business based on your needs. Below is a chart of the features that come in all three packages. After that, I will show you each package’s separate features.

IncFile Pricing 1

Let’s say you’re incorporating an LLC with IncFile. Here are the features you’ll have included in every package you could choose:

IncFile Pricing 2

Though all three packages have the same basic features, the cost differs when you decide to have add-ons. Assess what your company needs so you can better decided which add-ons to choose. Here’s a comparison of add-on prices for each package.

The Platinum package has the most complete features for starting a business. However in my opinion, the Gold package is the best option because it holds the best overall value for its price.

Quick Note: If you need a custom website built for your business, check out the Platinum package. IncFile partnered with a website building company who takes care of the entire process. You pick the template and they customize it for you. All for free.

IncFile Pricing 3

LegalZoom Pricing | $149

LegalZoom has higher rates than IncFile, but that hasn’t stopped over 1 million business owners from using their services. LegalZoom also has three packages: Economy, Standard, and Express Gold.

LegalZoom LLC Pricing

The turnaround time for the Economy package is 20 to 35 business days while the Express Gold package can be processed in as fast as 7 to 10 days. With LegalZoom, keep processing time in mind when choosing a package.

The Final Verdict?

Now, all that said, here's the end of the day pick from Startup Savant, but you should follow your gut on this one. Good news is that whether you pick LegalZoom or IncFile, you and your business will be in very good and professional hands.

However IncFile is hard to beat being $100 less for the same services.

IncFile for $49 Or LegalZoom for $149

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