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IncFile vs Direct Incorporation: Who Wins?

IncFile Vs Direct Incorporation

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative article that tackles the whole IncFile vs Direct Corporation situation. The goal with these articles, and we’ve produced tons of them, is to help minimize the stress folks tend to experience when shopping for online incorporation provider.

We’re going to examine their commonalities, differences, package deals, and pricing and by the end you’ll have a much better idea of which one works best for you.


What IncFile and Direct Incorporation Share in Common


Popular IncFile Features


2 Ways Direct Incorporation Stands Out


Pricing: IncFile vs Direct Incorporation

There’s a huge difference between IncFile and Direct Incorporation prices and features. Before choosing one, set your budget first so that you’ll have an idea of how much you want to spend.

IncFile Pricing | Starts at $49

IncFile is the most affordable online incorporation service. The company has three very straightforward packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum.IncFile Pricing 1If you compare these prices to Direct Incorporation’s, IncFile’s are undeniably bringing the heat! For a basic package if you choose IncFile over Direct Incorporation, you save $90. All three packages have the following features:

IncFile Pricing 2

Those with check marks are the features you get for free with every package. The rest are considered add-ons which you need to pay individually.

There isn’t much you can add in the Gold package because almost everything is already included, and it will only cost you $149. This is the reason why many business owners prefer to use the Gold package over the Platinum, though the latter is considered to have the best value.

Note: If you would like a custom website built for your business, check out the Platinum package. IncFile partnered with a website building company who takes care of the entire process. You pick the template and they customize it for you. All for free.

IncFile Pricing 3

Direct Incorporation Pricing | Starts at $139

Unlike IncFile, Direct Incorporation has four very comprehensive packages: Standard, Premier, Elite and Venture. To give you an overview of their services and prices, see the table below.

Direct Incorporation Review LLC

Direct Incorporation’s prices are definitely higher than IncFile, but with additional and helpful services like trademarking, website and logo design, it might be worth it to you. Although Direct Incorporation’s packages have higher price tags, many entrepreneurs prefer to use the company’s services because they don’t have to hire another company to do their websites and logo designs for them. Direct Incorporation is their all-in-one company.

Who's The Better Choice?

Looking at the overall picture, IncFile undoubtedly has better offers. For one, its prices are much more affordable and the features are very practical. Second, you get a Registered Agent service free of charge. Either way you and your brand will be in good hands!

IncFile Or Direct Incorporation

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