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IncFile Review: Are They Actually Right For You?

IncFile Review

Startup Savant got its start with their help, so this IncFile review will make it clear we have no qualms about the fact we love IncFile and their approach to incorporation. If you’re looking for a more detached IncFile review, you might want to go elsewhere.

Just being honest. And with that said, let’s begin.

IncFile is an online incorporation service best known for being the most affordable and efficient. Since getting their own start in 2004, IncFile has helped over 75,000 entrepreneurs incorporate their business on a budget.

It’s assuring to know you’re not getting mixed up with some shady big box operation. Their focus is completely on the process of starting your business – nothing else. So to make this IncFile review as objective as possible, we’ll go through their features, pricing structure and really break it down.

Let’s begin with something subtle.


Features You Get In Every Package

Everything listed below, these amazing features, come with ALL of their packages at a fraction of the conventional costs of getting a lawyer and incorporating the more conventional (old school) way.

  1. IncFile prepares/files Articles of Organization so you don’t have to.
  2. The most affordable online incorporation service on the market with pricing that starts at $49.
  3. Free Registered Agent to handle all legal notifications for a year ($150 value).
  4. Your order is prepared and sent to the state within 1 business day.
  5. Get 1-on-1 business tax consultation with a small business professional so you never fall behind.
  6. Order tracking in real-time so you know exactly where your new business stands.
  7. Unlimited phone and email support for any questions or requests you may have.
  8. Free shipping on all orders.
  9. They now have “Online Access to Incorporation Documents” – which houses all of your company formation documents making it easy to retrieve these anytime. No other service does this.
  10. Convenient add-ons to kickstart your business like getting an EIN or  custom Operating Agreement.
  11. IncFile continues to work for you throughout the life of your business. They will notify you of up-and-coming requirements in your state and how to handle them. No surprises!

One of the coolest features they offer is a specialized dashboard (screenshot below). You’ll be able to check the status of your order, be notified of any requirements you have to take care of in the future with your state and more. This is extremely helpful for entrepreneurs who want to stay on top of the legalities of their business.


IncFile Pricing

IncFile pricing is very straightforward. Each package includes different features that help you kickstart your business. The basic (Silver) package, $49 + state fees, is the most affordable in the entire industry and $100 cheaper than LegalZoom.

IncFile Pricing 1

Let’s say you’re incorporating an LLC with IncFile. Here are the features you’ll have included in every package you could choose:

IncFile Pricing 2

From there, you’ve got your choice of additional features and add-ons (below) for more customization. Although the Platinum package has the best value, most new business owners we meet choose the Gold package.

Quick Note: If you would like a custom website built for your business, check out the Platinum package. IncFile partnered with an amazing website design company who takes care of the entire process. You pick the template and they customize it for you. All for free!

IncFile Pricing 3


You Should Use IncFile If…

Every entrepreneur has different needs. Here are the 5 key things to consider to determine if IncFile is as good for you as it’s been for us and tons of our readers.

1) You’re bootstrapping it on a budget but need professionals to handle all legal paperwork, dealing with the state, etc.

2) You want to incorporate your business with a specialist on-hand answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

3) You have zero legal experience and aren’t sure where to get started.

4) You’re nervous about filing with the state yourself and want to make 100% sure you don’t miss anything. Sometimes official state website instructions can be difficult to understand.

5) If you want on-going support for your business on how to stay compliant in your state (included in every package). IncFile will give you a heads up on any legal notifications you need to know about.

Start your business today in a Safe, Secure and Savvy Way

IncFile for $49

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