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4 Excellent Illinois Startup Assistance Resources

Startup Assistance Resources

It is impossible to start a business in Illinois on your own. Being in the forefront of a challenging task can be burdensome especially for a startup entrepreneur, so resources are always an important contributor to lighten the whole process of starting a business in Illinois.

To help you ease the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed over all the requirements of business formation, this guide will present you with five key Illinois startup assistance resources.

As these resources are not state mandated, it is up to your discretion to whether use these or not. However, it is highly advised even by business experts and counselors, that resources such as these are indispensable to a successful business.


1) Illinois Business Counseling

Business counseling is part and parcel of starting a business because basically, experienced entrepreneurs and business experts can offer you a wealth of information on how to begin on the right footing. For Illinois business counseling, the Illinois Small Business Development Center should be included in your list of startup assistance resources.

The Illinois SBDC has a host of services for small businesses that range from one-on-one business advice on all processes involved in business creation.


2) Startup Savant’s Free Illinois Resources

Startup Savant aims to help small businesses get started. In line with this, we have put together a number of valuable guides when starting a business in Illinois.  These are aimed to help jumpstart your business free of charge.


3) Expert Business Counseling from the Local Illinois SCORE

When it comes to starting a business, expert business counseling is a valuable source of information that can immensely help your business. One of the resources for Illinois entrepreneurs that provides confidential professional counseling for free is your local Illinois SCORE. SCORE is composed of volunteer mentors who donate thousands of hours to further expand the small business industry.

These mentors are time-tested professionals who are experts in their respective business fields, offering their expertise to help small startup entrepreneurs find the right footing. Aside from the one-on-one business counseling, your local SCORE also provides regular workshops and events aimed at local business development. Templates and tools are also provided that cover a wide range of subjects all related to starting a small business.


4) Free Online Resources by the SBA

Through a wide-ranging network with various organizations, the SBA aims to provide small businesses with various assistance programs to start and expand small businesses all across the country. An Illinois local district office of the SBA serves the exact same mission as the head office. That said, when you start a small business in Illinois, you can get a host of local assistance programs, tools, and added learning.

The local Illinois SBA chapter provides a guide on how to start and manage a business, resources for financial loans and grants, and local assistance on understand the basics of entrepreneurship. Online trainings, business plan writing tutorials, and other business-related assistance are also provided.


Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

Starting a business means that you have to make that investment of time, effort, and money. While this may be the case, startup assistance organizations such as the ones enumerated above are in abundance, organizations that can help ease the burden and stress on how to start a small business in Illinois even with limited resources.

From business counseling to assistance on various challenges that an entrepreneur faces at various stages of startup, make it a habit to utilize the resources above to have a better chance of building your business. Remember, no challenge is impossible when starting a new business, you only need startup assistance to guide you and you should be on the right path to success.

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