How to start a business in Nebraska

10 Simple Steps


Write a Business PlanTo truly get the most out of your business and to help ensure that it lives to exceed its potential, you’re going to need a professionally formatted and well thought out business plan. K? Making this move immediately separates you from the flock. Boom! Once in-hand and evolving, this game plan will become a cornerstone asset in a large variety of ways.

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How to Choose a Business StructureThe next step is to choose the type of business you want to form or base in Nebraska, then incorporate, which in the process will register you with the state. It sounds like a big life-shaking experience, but it’s not. Trust me, after you do it the first time it becomes as nonchalant as paying rent (Nebraska’s filing fee for an LLC is about $100 right now which is nice, and no annual fee).

Furthermore, you only need to study the different structures once to get the gist, then dig deeper into your Nebraska location to weigh your options.

Take Action: As this aspect of starting a business can be rather sensitive, we’ve developed quick and easy incorporation guides for the most popular entities.


Small Business TaxesNow depending on the type of legal structure you’re forming, there will be advantages, perks, credits, and incentives come tax time for you and your company. Should you handle this process yourself or with your buddy? Well, are both of you trained business tax attorneys? How many companies have you formed and maintained for a few years at least?

Another perk to incorporating in Step 2 is that often modern providers will source most documents for you for a reasonable fee, or as part of a service package.

Take Action: To start getting an idea of how powerful Nebraska’s business tax code is, head on over their Tax Information page for new business owners.


Business LicensesOften in the process of getting hooked into the state/federal systems, any permits or licenses beyond a general business license will get taken care of as well. But make absolute sure you get this step checked off the list or it could really bite you later on. Uh oh, suddenly you get a notice from such and such org/agency demanding money/time in court because you’re not permitted or licensed for this or that? Know what I mean?

  1. For the DIY’ers head on over to the Business Licensing page on
  2. For $99 IncFile’s Business License Package is amazing! They determine everything required on Federal, State, County and Municipal levels, get the forms, and provide step-by-step filing instructions.


Best Business Bank AccountWhoa, getting pretty darn official – official brand name, incorporated, recognized/protected under the law, fully licensed. Well done, now it’s time your brand had its own separate but integrated and structured financial persona. First step is choosing a banking institution and forming branded business checking/savings accounts.

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How to Choose a Business LocationRegardless of where you choose, there’s two really neat things you should know about doing business in Nebraska. First, there will be times when Huskers games all but close down the state. I mean listen, these are Holy Days folks. Secondly, as of 2015 Nebraska is sporting the lowest unemployment rate! From Scottsbluff to Omaha, from Alma to Valentine, it’s a great place.

Take Action: We know picking a spot can be tough if it doesn’t somehow happen naturally through your personal/professional networks. If you’d like to brush up on everything that goes into making this decision, refer to our friendly guide on How to Choose the Perfect Location.


How to Finance a Business

Chances are you’ve never had to raise outside capital for a company before and you might be thinking you’ll just “use incoming revenue” to take care of it along the way. That may work, but eventually your platform will grow to a size where outside capital of some sort is required. Right? Good news is that whether you’re an online-only platform or brick and mortar, Nebraska has tons to offer.

Take Action: The email course we mentioned in Step 1 really comes in handy here because planning and finances go together like Nebraska chili and cinnamon rolls. You can also browse our guide on How to Finance a Business to start generating ideas.


Build a Business WebsiteTons of folks that end up reading this guide will think they’ve got the “website issue” handled, and maybe you do. But the question will always be, how effective is it? If you don’t, we’d just like you to be aware that there are other options aside from going online to try and find a designer/agency you don’t know or hiring your buddy’s buddy.

Take Action: The first step is finding the right platform, which thankfully there aren’t too many yet. Head on over to this easy Business Website Builder Guide to get a head start.


Social Media ChannelTough subject, but it had to be in here. After steps 1-8 there’s little left to do but sell and grow. Remember, there are no shortcuts transforming $1 into $2. And don’t forget that Nebraskans are known for their friendliness, their outgoing nature, and zest for supporting startups and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Take Action: Please, don’t get sucked into the idea that being in business is a race. Do you need to be flexible and on your toes? Yes, but don’t let digital marketing become a crutch. And, by the way, if you need customer service help Nebraska is the nation’s call center capital.


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