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How to Get an EIN in Delaware for Free

Get an EIN for Your Business

Starting an LLC in Delaware takes time, but the excitement to finally get the ball rolling and being a step closer to your dream business should fuel you to work harder. One of the requirements to starting a business is to obtain an EIN.

This guide will give you the steps on how to obtain an employer identification number without having to pay for it. (Some online incorporation services like LegalZoom, IncFile, and BizFilings charge you to obtain this).

In this guide, the different ways on how to get an EIN will be discussed, including all the contact details or specific address to send your application. Know that although there are different ways to obtain an EIN, only one method should be eventually chosen for application to avoid getting several EINs for one single business.

What is an EIN?

An employer identification number, or simply an EIN, is a 9-digit number series that uniquely identifies a business entity. Any business regardless if it has no employees, as long as it pays any kind of tax to the state of Delaware is required to get an EIN. Simply explained, an EIN number is an equivalent to an individual’s social security number.

In business, an EIN number serves different purposes. Aside from it being used by the state and the IRS for monitoring tax purposes, it is also used for your Delaware business’ financial transactions. In the future, when you’re hiring employees, you use your EIN to file for employment taxes. Bottom line is, you need an EIN when you have a business.

Filing fee: $0

How to Get a Delaware EIN

Outlined below are the different ways to get a Delaware EIN for your business. As a reminder, choose only the best option that applies in your case. Do not apply using more than one method or else you will be issued several EINs.

Online Application

For most business owners, an online application for an EIN is the easiest and most convenient way. This is because as soon as you fill out form, submit it, and the information you have entered is validated, you can immediately receive your EIN. To ensure that the process will be even faster, make sure to verify all the information you have entered is true and correct.

Phone Application

For phone application of EIN, you need to dial 800-829-4933, which is the Business and Special Tax hotline. Make sure to get a copy of Form SS-4, though, all questions to be asked of your business during the telephone session are the same information found in this form.

This hotline can process EIN applications from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM so be sure to schedule your call within this time frame. You will immediately receive your EIN as soon as your call ends.

Fax Application

For EIN fax applications, you first need to find and download a copy of the SS-4 Form. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can fill out the form. It’s always a reminder to make sure that the information you entered is accurate and correct.

This is to guarantee that the first time you file your application for EIN, you will be issued one instantaneously. You can then fax your form to 859-669-5760. Make sure to include your own fax number so that by four days’ time, they will send you the EIN through the number you have provided.

Mail Application

For mail application, you still need to download, print out, and fill Form SS-4. Again, make sure to verify all information you have entered in each entry of the form as it takes about four weeks to process your EIN application. You don’t want to add more processing time just because you have not answered your form carefully. Once done, you can mail it to the address below:

Internal Revenue Service

Attention EIN Operation

Cincinnati, OH,


Note: This guide on how to obtain an EIN is not a legal advice. This is only an informational article. You should schedule a session with a local professional should you want to learn more details about tax questions or starting a business in Delaware.

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