Step 1) Name Your Vermont LLC

Choose a Business NameIn Vermont law, you must include the following words or abbreviations after your business name: Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, LLC, L.L.C., LC or L.C. There’s no specific rule when naming your LLC, you just have to make sure that it is distinguishable from the names of existing businesses.

Use the Vermont Secretary of State business name search tool to check for availability. You can also reserve your business name for 120 days by submitting an Application to Reserve a Specified Business Name before the Vermont Secretary of State. You can file your application through postal mail or online along with a $20 filing fee.


Step 2) Appoint a Registered Agent

Choose a Registered AgentAll businesses in the state of Vermont must designate and maintain a registered agent to accept service of process notices and other important document on behalf of the business.

Your agent can be a resident individual or a business legally authorized by Vermont to conduct its operations within the state. He/she should also have a physical address where mails are delivered.


Step 3) File Your Articles of Incorporation

Register an LLCTo form your Vermont LLC, you have to start by filing your Articles of Organization before the Vermont Secretary of State. Some of the information that you have to include in the form are as follows:

You can file your application through postal mail or through LLC online. The filing fee is $125.


Step 4) Obtain an EIN

Get an EIN for Your LLCAn Vermont Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a 9-series identification number which is similar to the social security number in individuals. The EIN is the IRS’ way of monitoring your business activities and keeping track of your taxes.

The EIN is also used for a variety of reasons so you have to get this requirement to hire employees, apply for a business bank account, file for income tax returns and a lot of other transactions. Obtain your EIN at the IRS website completely for free.


Step 5) Open a Business Bank Account

Best Business Bank AccountA business bank account is necessary if you want to separate your business and personal finances. This should be one of your top priorities because it enables you to keep track of your finances and record them appropriately. All these will help you maintain the financial health of your Vermont small business.

Recommended Resource: For more information on the types of business bank accounts that you can choose from, you can use this roundup. Choose the best one for your Vermont small business.


To-Do After Starting a Vermont LLC

Congratulations you are now officially a Vermont LLC! But before anything else, you must obtain the following supplementary requirements to ensure that your business operations runs as smooth as possible.

1) Make a Solid Business Plan

Write a Business PlanA business plan is not a requirement in Vermont but you have to take it upon yourself to write one for the sake of your business.

A business plan is not only a blueprint that will guide you with every step, it is also an excellent tool to look for funding. It is important that you invest in your business with enough capital to make sure that it starts off on the right track.

To help you get started in writing a solid business plan for your Vermont LLC, below are some useful resources that you can use.

Writing a Business Plan Quick-Links


2) Keep Track of Your Vermont Taxes and Finances

Small Business TaxesThe financial aspect of managing a Vermont small business is one of the most challenging, this is the reason why you need to focus on your business finances well.

Aside from being on top of your  finances, you also need to comply with federal and state taxes to ensure smooth business operations.  Check out the Vermont Department of Taxes website for more information.

Recommended Resource: Xero an excellent accounting software that has all the right time-saving tools to help you in accounting and bookkeeping. Try Xero free for 30 days now!


3) Stay on Top of Your Vermont Taxes and Finances

Business LicensesIt’s not a mandatory requirement to keep track of your business finances but if you do so, it will be easier for you to manage and comply with your Vermont state taxes.

Tax period is one of the most difficult times of the year for many entrepreneurs so you have to be extra ready. To understand Vermont tax regulations and your responsibilities as a business owner, try to visit the Vermont Department of Taxes website.

Recommended Resource: Xero has awesome tools and features for accounting and bookkeeping which is why I highly recommend the software for financial management. Try Xero free for 30 days now!


4) Get Your Vermont Business Licenses

Create an Operating AgreementComplying with Vermont business licenses means that you adhere to the standards and requirements set by the state for businesses. Obtaining your licenses is a mandatory requirement that you should never miss. Before you operate your business, make sure that you have obtained all applicable licenses so you’ll be able to operate legally.

Recommended Resource: Business licenses are not the same for all businesses so you have to inquire first before you start processing. For professional assistance, you can use this business research license package. Check out the SBA’s roundup resources as well.


5) Build a Business Website

Build a Business WebsiteThe majority of businesses today operate with websites because it allows them to reach a wider market and be accessible 24/7 to their customers.

Although a business website is not a mandatory requirement, almost all businesses are obligated to create one. With the use of platforms like WordPress, you can build your business website in just minutes. It gives you the freedom to build and customize according to your own specifications.

Another great tool worth using is Bluehost which has a one-click WordPress installation tool and a customer support service which can assist you at any time of the day.

Note that this guide is made for the sole purpose of giving you information on how to form a Vermont LLC. It should not be considered a legal document or a legal advice. If you want to know the specifics of starting an LLC, you can consult a lawyer for professional legal advice.

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