Step 1) Pick a Name for Your LLC

Choose a Business NameIllinois law sets a number of requirements when it comes to naming conventions when filing an Illinois LLC. Aside from the standard unique business name, the last word of your business’ name should have any of the following words:

‘Limited Liability Company’, ‘LLC’ or ‘L.L.C.’. The abbreviations ‘Co.’ and ‘Ltd.’ are not allowed. In addition, the subsequent words or even their abbreviations must not be used in your LLC name: ‘Corporation’, ‘Incorporated’, and ‘Limited Partnership’.

When you’ve come up with a unique name to your Illinois LLC that is not similar or closely resembles a legally registered existing business entity with the Secretary of State of Illinois, you can check if it is available using the business name database. If it is available, you can have it reserved for 90 days by filing for a Reservation of Name application.


Step 2) Choose a Registered Agent

Choose a Registered AgentThe following requirements for an agent of service of process or a Registered Agent should be followed when starting an LLC in Illinois:

(1) The Registered Agent can be a qualified person residing in Illinois or a business entity that is legally registered with the Illinois Secretary of State to conduct business in the state; (2) The Registered Agent shall provide a physical address of his office where the legal notifications for the business will be sent; (3) the Agent must be available at all times during business hours.

That said, you can hire a Registered Agent service and pay up to $160/year, or get an Illinois Registered Agent free of charge when you incorporate your LLC with IncFile,


Step 3) Process the Articles of Organization

Register an LLCTo legally register an LLC in Illinois, an Articles of Organization should be filed to the Secretary of State. Vital information pertaining to your Illinois LLC filing is required.

These include, but are not limited to: name and address of the LLC, name and address of the LLC Registered Agent, LLC’s statement of purpose, LLC’s duration, among others. A mail or online application can be done for the Articles of Organization.

Filing Fee for LLC: $500 for mail application; $600 for online application.


Step 4) Obtain an Employer Identification Number for Your Illinois LLC

Get an EIN for Your LLCAn Employer Identification Number functions much in the same way as a Social Security Number for an individual. Just as every citizen is required to get a SSN, every business is required to procure an Illinois EIN.

When you begin business transactions, an LLC EIN is an indispensable requirement that is always needed at every turn. You can get an EIN for free at the IRS website right now.


Step 5) Open a Business Bank Account

Best Business Bank AccountWhile starting an Illinois LLC, it’s important to keep your business and personal bank accounts separate. This keeps your personal liability at a minimum and makes tax time much more simple.

For a close up look at the best places to open a business checking account for your {LLC/Corporation}, visit this quick roundup.


To-Do After Starting an Illinois LLC

After the steps enumerated above, you are now a legal LLC in Illinois. Before you can completely begin operations though, there are a few more steps that you have to do. These steps are a mix of required and recommended tasks that can help your business grow into a thriving venture. For the recommended tasks, these are frequently practiced by the most successful businesses.

1) write a business plan

Write a Business PlanThere’s nothing more fulfilling as a business owner than to see your business grow and become successful. The process of planning ahead for business success should be done right when you’re starting an Illinois business.

One of the key instruments used to plan for business success is a business plan. When you write a business plan, you put into writing a clear picture of how to go about your operations to become successful. As an Illinois LLC, you can start writing a business plan now with the resources provided below.

How to Write a Business Plan Quick Links


2) Complete All Requirements for your Illinois LLC

Business LicensesFor requirements in Illinois business license and tax, understanding and completing all the necessary paperwork is key to getting the approval from the federal and state government to operate as an Illinois LLC. When incorporating an LLC in Illinois, know that the forms and other requirements for Illinois LLC taxes are numerous.

A guide such as our Illinois Business Taxes can be used then. In the same way as your business tax requirements are an integral part of starting an LLC in Illinois, your Illinois business licenses should also be completely fulfilled. Our guide on Illinois Business Licenses can come in handy in situations such as these. Remember, failure to complete these requirements also corresponds to serious consequences.


3) Make an Operating Agreement

Create an Operating AgreementAs a startup entrepreneur, you should have an LLC Operating Agreement firmly in place. An Operating Agreement does not only provide a clear structure on the financial and operational aspects of your LLC, but most importantly, it protects the limited liability status of your business and override default rules imposed by the state.

For easier drafting of an Operating Agreement, you can fully customize and even sign Rocket Lawyer’s Operating Agreement.


4) Build a Business Website

Build a Business WebsiteAs you start an LLC in Illinois, the next step is to build a professional website. This earns the trust and business from your potential customers.

If you don’t want to get too technical and are looking for the easiest solution, look into WordPress. It is free, customizable, and easy to use. Learn how to start a website for your business through this helpful tutorial.

Note that this article is an informational guide that provides help when forming an Illinois LLC. For professional legal advice on starting an LLC in Illinois or specifics about an Illinois LLC, the best source of information is a lawyer.

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