Step 1) Obtain the Form to Register for a DBA

WebsiteThe Arkansas DBA registration form is available at the city clerk’s office in your area.  You may also check out the website of the Secretary of State of Arkansas.

If you chose to use the website, you will be able to fill out the form directly online. There is a $25.00 filing fee.


Step 2) Complete the DBA Registration Form

Create an Operating AgreementBe prepared to fill out the following information when filling a DBA in Arkansas:

Make sure to double check all the information provided in the DBA form. Only affix your signature when in the presence of a notary public.


Step 3) Send Your Completed DBA Registration Form

Mail in the FormNotarize your DBA Registration before sending it in. Always double check the information you provide,  as incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate information may cause your application to be rejected when filing a DBA in Arkansas.

To file a DBA registration form online, you must follow the specific instructions provided on the top of the forms. For DBA form submission by mail, send your document to the following address:

Suite 250, Victory Building

1401 West Capitol Avenue

Little Rock, AR 72201

Once submitted,  the wait time is short in order for you to operate as an organization ‘Doing Business As’ in Arkansas.

Please be advised that this article is only a guide, and talking to a lawyer is still the best resort if you want to learn more about the legalities of ‘Doing Business As’ in Arkansas or starting a brand new business.

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