Step 1) Find and Download the Registration Form for a DBA

WebsiteTo begin the process of filing a DBA in Tennessee, you need to obtain a registration form for DBA. This form can be obtained in two ways.

One, you can visit the clerk’s office at the town or city where you are going to do business in, and second, you can download the Tennessee DBA registration form from the website of the Secretary of State of Tennessee.


Step 2) Complete the Tennessee DBA Registration Form

Create an Operating AgreementOnce you have obtained a copy of the Tennessee DBA registration form, you need to accomplish it. The following information is a must when filing a DBA in Tennessee:

In addition to these standard information, you may be also prompted for additional questions if you are operating as a Sole Proprietor, Non-Profit Corporation, or LLC.

Just make sure to follow through the instructions on the form, and double check that all entries are appropriately answered. After you are sure that you haven’t missed anything, have your ‘doing business as’ in Tennessee form notarized.


Step 3) Send in Your Completed DBA Registration Form

Once your ‘doing business as’ in Tennessee form is already notarized, you can now send it to the address provided by the Secretary of State. For filing a DBA in Tennessee, you can mail it to:

Corporate Filings

312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue

6th Floor

William R. Snodgrass Tower

Nashville, TN 37243

Don’t forget to include your Tennessee DBA filing fee along with your form. After you have mailed it, the process is now complete. Great job!

This guide is merely that, a guide and is not legal advice. If you have any specific questions about TN DBA, starting a brand new business in Tennessee, or the legal proceedings to filing a ‘doing business as’ in Tennessee, talk to a lawyer.

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