Step 1) Get a Copy of the Assumed Name Certificate

WebsiteFirst off, you must get a copy of Form 503 or the Assumed Name Certificate. This form is available for download on the Texas Secretary of State website.

Alternatively, you can also visit the County Clerk’s office and personally obtain a copy of the certificate.


Step 2) Complete the Assumed Name Certificate

Create an Operating AgreementAfter obtaining a copy of the certificate, go through the general instructions of the form, which can be found on pages 1 to 3 of the said certificate form.

Each entry to the form is thoroughly discussed, so take time to go through this. Then, when you are ready to complete the form, the following information is required:


Step 3) Submit the Assumed Name Certificate

Mail in the FormAfter all the entries in the Assumed Name Certificate are filled out and double checked, have the form notarized. Make sure that there is a duplicate of the form before it is mailed to the address provided below:

PO Box 13697

Austin, Texas


Alternatively, the Assumed Name Certificate can also be delivered to the:

James Earl Rudder Office Building

1019 Brazos, Austin

Texas, 78701

Also, the form can be faxed to (512) 463-5709. For fax submission, information for credit card should also be submitted for the filing fee.

Filing Fee: $25

This guide on filing a Texas DBA is just an informational article. Please refrain from treating it as a legal document/notice. For the legal aspects to filing an Assumed Name Certification in Texas, visit a business lawyer.

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