Step 1) Secure Brand Name & Obtain DBA Registration Form


The first step in this journey is verifying the chosen name you want isn’t already taken, too similar to another business name, and that there aren’t any trademark issues if applicable. Conduct a business name search through the North Dakota Secretary of State and use the U.S. Trademark & Patent Office.

Once you’ve taken care of this, grab a Trade Name Registration form which you’ll fill out and mail in with the $25 filing fee.


Step 2) Completely & Properly Fill-out the Form

Create an Operating AgreementAs you’ll see the form has some fine print and instructions, please read them carefully if you aren’t working with a professional filing service or with your own legal council. The information that will be asked of you will depend on the legal entity by which your business is incorporated. However, the most basic info to prepare includes:


Step 3) File Your Completely Filled-out DBA Form

Mail in the FormThe last and final step when filing a DBA is to submit your registration form before the North Dakota Secretary of State’s Office. Again, make sure all entries are correct. Check two or three times to spot errors or inconsistencies.

This is essential to avoid glitches and having to replay the process/re-pay the filing fee.


This article is informational in nature and is not meant to replace legal advice. It should be considered a legal reference as well. For specific questions and concerns on the process of filing a DBA North Dakota, you can address them to your lawyer.

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