Step 1) Obtain a Copy of the Registration of Alternate Name Form

WebsiteTo begin the process of filing a DBA in New Jersey, obtain a copy of the New Jersey DBA Registration Form. You can download form C-150G Registration of Alternate Name from the Division of Revenue of New Jersey or you can visit the office in person to obtain a copy.

The form can be filled online, so you have the option to complete it first before downloading it.


Step 2) Fill Out the Registration of Alternate Name Form

Create an Operating AgreementThe next step to filing a DBA in New Jersey is to completely fill out the form. The following information is required for filling out the ‘doing business as’ in New Jersey form:

Instructions for the field-by-field entries of filing the New Jersey DBA are also provided on the subsequent page of the form. In addition, each entry should be double checked before proceeding to the next process. The form should then be notarized.


Step 3) Submit the Completed Registration of Alternate Name Form

Mail in the FormThe final step to filing a DBA in New Jersey is to submit the registration form. Since there is no available online New Jersey DBA registration as of yet, you can submit your form together with the enclosed check payment to the New Jersey Division of Revenue through regular postal mail.

Alternatively, you can submit the form via over-the-counter or by fax. When submitting the ‘doing business as’ in New Jersey form, a check addressed to the Secretary of State should be enclosed. Cash is prohibited. All the details for regular mail, over-the-counter and fax submissions of the form is found on the form as well.

Filing Fee: $50 per transaction and an additional $15 for LPs, Corporations, and Non-Profit organizations and $25.00 for LLCs for expedited services in the 8.5 business hours’ time frame.

This is an informational guide on NJ DBA filing. This article should not be taken as legal advice or a legal document. Expert advice from a business lawyer or an accountant should be consulted when you want to know the legalities involved in filing a New Jersey alternate name or starting a business in New Jersey.

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