Step 1) Secure Brand Name & Obtain Registration Form

WebsiteAfter using the Nevada Business Search tool and verifying the name you want is available it’s time to get your form. Since it is stipulated that a business intending to use a fictitious name should file the DBA to each of the counties it will be transacting business with the use of said name, the copy of the registration form should be procured at the respective county clerk’s office.

You can personally go to the office of the county clerk or you can visit the county’s official website to obtain a copy of the registration form. Visit the Nevada Counties site with corresponding contact details.


Step 2) Fill Out the DBA Registration Form

Create an Operating AgreementAs soon as you have obtained a copy of the ‘doing business as’ in Nevada form, the next step is to fill it out completely and properly. Considering that each county has different forms, you should carefully read the instructions. The following is some standard information to have prepared:

As mentioned earlier, there might be slight variations as to the standard form and the kind of information required, depending on the county, so take note of this. In addition, there might also be a few naming conventions you must meet.


Step 3) Submit the DBA Registration Form

Mail in the FormBefore filing a DBA in Nevada, be sure that all information is concise and correct to avoid any delays in the ‘doing business as’ in Nevada application.

Then, have the form notarized. When done, you can then submit the Nevada DBA form to the county clerk’s office. The filing fee for the DBA registration may also vary from one county to another so make sure to inquire about this information at the time you obtain a copy of the registration form.


Note that this guide is not legal advice or a legal document. This article’s only intent is to provide information. If you are looking into the legal specifics of how to file a NV DBA or starting a business in Nevada in general, please consult the expertise of a business lawyer.

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