Step 1) Verify Name & Get Registration Form

WebsiteThe initial step to filing a DBA in Mississippi is to verify that the name you want isn’t already taken or too similar to another. So head on over to the Business Search page through the Secretary of State. If you think there could be trademark issues, conduct a search on the TESS System as well through the U.S. Patent Office.

Now, since there’s no online registration option yet, you can get a blank copy of the registration document through the Mississippi Fees & Forms page. If you have any trouble finding the registration form (they just re-did the Secretary’s website) contact them directly and it shouldn’t be a problem.


Step 2) Fill Out & Notarize the Registration Form

Create an Operating AgreementOnce you have your form read the instructions, word for word, very carefully. Be sure you understand what it’s asking of you, especially if you don’t have legal counsel or a professional filing service to ensure everything is filled out correctly. Here’s some basic information you’ll need:

Take note that the fictitious name you came up with will not mean that you have exclusive rights to that name. Also, a P.O. Box may not be used as a substitute for a street address. Once you’re ready you’ll need to pay the fee, which can vary, to have an authorized individual notarize the form.


Step 3) Send your Completed Mississippi DBA Registration Form

Mail in the FormNow it’s time to send in your completed form to the Business Services Division of the Secretary of State. The Mississippi DBA filing has to be done through postal mail or by personal appearance. A registration fee of $25 is required for filing a DBA form.

Once you get your confirmation you’re all set. That said, here’s to a new, exciting and prosperous year ahead!


This guide is an informational article that discusses the basics on how to file a DBA. If you’re looking into the legal aspects of filing an MS DBA or you’re interested in starting a business in Mississippi, seek the expert advice of a business lawyer.  

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