Step 1) Obtain the Registration Form for a DBA

WebsiteBefore anything else, check to see if the name you intend on registering is already taken or too similar to another. Head to the Bureau of Corps, Elections, and Commissions and conduct a Business Entity Search. For potential trademark issues, check the TESS System through the U.S. Patent Office.

For more information regarding trade names and its governing restrictions and regulations, please reach out to the Secretary of State’s office. Next, head on over and grab your Certificate of Assumed/Fictitious Name.


Step 2) Fill Out the Maine DBA Registration Form

Register an LLCIf you don’t have legal representation or a professional filing service, make sure you completely understand every word on the form before filling in any blanks. Some basic information to have ready includes:

Depending on your business’ structure, you might also be required to provide some additional information. Also, read the instructions then double and triple check everything before taking the next step.


Step 3) Notarize & Submit Your Form

Mail in the FormNow you can take your form and have it notarized by an authorized individual which makes it 100% official. After this you can send your form off to the address specified along with your filing fee.

Once you receive confirmation and have a copy sitting pretty in your business files that’s pretty much it other than annual fees and other basics that go along with opening shop in Michigan. Here’s to a prosperous year ahead!


Please note that this is only an informational guide, and should not be taken as legal advice. You should speak to your lawyer for the specifics of registering a DBA in Maine or starting a business in general.

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