Step 1) Verify Brand Name & Download Application

WebsiteFirst, verify that the name you want to register/file isn’t already taken or too similar to another name by leveraging the Business Filings Search page through the Sec. of State’s website. If you think there may be trademark issues, use the TESS System through the U.S. Patent Office to check.

In Louisiana, you can download the Application to Register Trade Name, Trade Mark or Service Mark form from the state’s official website as well for convenience.


Step 2) Correctly Fill In form

Create an Operating AgreementIf you don’t have a lawyer in your pocket and you aren’t working with a professional filing service, be sure to read and understand all three pages of the form before filling anything in.

Read the instructions carefully, double/triple check your answers and use as many of the numerous resources out there if you have any questions or are feeling unsure.


Step 3) Notarize & Submit Your Form


When you’re ready make the document official by having it notarized by an authorized individual. Then it’s just a matter of filing with the Louisiana Sec. of State (check the form for specifics).

Once you get confirmation, that’s pretty much all there is to it. That’s the basics anyway, but we’re not lawyers. Here’s to a prosperous year ahead!



Please note that this article if for informational purposes only and not official legal advice by any means. Furthermore, the information is subject to change over time. For questions and detailed information on how to form an DBA or how to go about when starting a business in Louisiana, speak with a professional.

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