Step 1) Obtain a Copy of the Assumed Business Name Application Form

WebsiteFirst, there are three ways to ensure the business name you want to file under is available and there are no trademark issues:

  1. The local county clerk’s office, which is also where you’ll need to get your DBA registration form.
  2. A Business Search through the IL Secretary of State’s website.
  3. The TESS System through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.


Step 2) Properly Fill Out the Application Form

Create an Operating AgreementAfter obtaining a copy of the ‘doing business as’ in Illinois application form, if you don’t have legal counsel or a filing service provider take your time and make sure each entry is correct.

Read all instructions before you start answering as well. Specific information about your Illinois DBA business needs to be provided.


Step 3) Mail in the Application Form

Mail in the FormThe final step is to mail the finished Illinois DBA application form after being notarized along with your application fee.

The mailing address will be provided by the county clerk and on the form itself. As soon as you have mailed it, all you need to do now is publish the assumed name in the local newspaper for 3 consecutive weeks which the clerk can help with as well. Here’s to a prosperous year ahead.


Note that this article is a basic guide, not legal advice. If you’re looking for expert advice on Illinois DBA registration or starting a business in Illinois, please schedule an appointment with a lawyer.

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