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FreshBooks vs Zoho Books: Which is the Best?

FreshBooks Vs Zoho Books

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative FreshBooks vs Zoho Books article where we look at commonalities, differences, service packages and pricing to help you determine which accounting software solution is best-suited for your business. It’ll be fun, enjoy!


10 Features FreshBooks & Zoho Share in common

  1. Multiple-user for collaboration among team members, or you and your accountant.
  2. Bank reconciliation tool to smoothly sync your bank and credit/debt card information with your account.
  3. Cloud-based which means access anytime, anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection.
  4. Downloadable copies of expenses which you can print for record-keeping.
  5. Time tracking feature so you can accurately bill by the hour.
  6. Allows you to create any kind of invoice, customize and send in a couple clicks.
  7. Designed for small and to mid-sized businesses as well as independent professionals and freelancers.
  8. Great customer service, although FreshBooks comes out on top here according to reviews/testimonials.
  9. Expense tracking tool to keep a close eye on outbound cash flow.
  10. Well-made financial reports, charts, and graphs can be generated according to your specs.


FreshBooks Features


Zoho Books Features


Packaging & Pricing: FreshBooks vs Zoho Books

FreshBooks and Zoho definitely have their own way of packaging their services and slapping a price tag on them. In these next sections we’ll talk about this stuff and use screenshots to do most of the talking. Let’s begin with FreshBooks.


FreshBooks pricing

Of all the accounting software, FreshBooks has the coolest service package because of their names. So the Sprout is for your contemporary independent professional or freelancer, while Seedling and Evergreen (most popular because of pricing and features) are for your average startup. The Might Oak plan is suited for established teams of 5 or more with more extensive needs. FreshBooks Pricing


A Quick Look Inside FreshBooks

Now let’s use the following 5 screenshots to take a look behind the digital curtain, inside FreshBooks. The point is to hopefully get an idea of what it might be like to integrate and use this software on a regular basis.

Send Professional Looking Invoices in Seconds

FreshBooks Invoices

Track Your Expenses By Category

FreshBooks Expense Tracking

Effortless Time Tracking

FreshBooks Time Tracking

FreshBooks Time Tracking Projects

Keep a Close Look at Your Business’ Finances

FreshBooks Accounting Reports


Zoho Books pricing

Zoho has a pretty streamlined approach, but it works. As you can see they’ve broken it down basically by the amount of contacts you want or need. This is why their Standard plan sticks out because 500 contacts is typically going to suit most small to mid-size businesses.

Zoho Books Review Package Options


The basic isn’t too shabby either. For just $9, you’ll be able to handle invoices, expenses, time tracking, banking, store 25 contacts, allow 2 other users to access your account, and obtain the 5 automated workflows. Just don’t forget about their 14-day free trial.


A Peek Inside Zoho Books

Zoho Books Reviews

Zoho Books Review

Zoho Books Review and Features


Conquer Your Financials

Which is better of the two really depends on your needs and preferences in terms of data-presentation style. Which one’s easier on the eyes? While both are fairly user-friendly, which one feels more comfortable to you based on just these few screenshots? Hopefully this article helps you get to the right software soon so you can modernize and conquer those financials. Here’s to a prosperous and exciting year ahead.

Our #1 Software Tool

While Zoho Books can be a great tool for some, FreshBooks in a general sense comes out on top here because of overall pricing, usability and features. That said, Startup Savant uses Xero because it's a step beyond in every sense. Check it out if you're still shopping around. Cheers!

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