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FreshBooks vs Kashoo: Which is the Best?

FreshBooks Vs Kashoo

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative FreshBooks vs Kashoo article where we look at commonalities, some of FreshBook’s differences, service packages and pricing to help you discern which, or if either, is the right account software for your business. Enjoy!


FreshBooks and Kashoo have in common?

  1. Time tracker that helps you bill every second of your hours worked.
  2. Strict security and backup measures to safeguard all the data you enter into their system.
  3. Expense tracking tool to help you monitor your business finances.
  4. Invoicing program that enables you to create invoices, customize and send them to clients for faster billing.
  5. Created for small and mid-sized businesses across the board.
  6. Bank reconciliation feature allows syncing your bank and credit/debit card information with your account.
  7. Collaboration features make it easy to work with team members or your accounting.
  8. Automatically generate financial reports, graphs and charts to keep on eye on financials.
  9. Allows you to incorporate business apps into your account to improve your functionality.
  10. Mobile apps can be downloaded through your android device, iPad, iPhone and tablet.


Unique FreshBooks Features

Kashoo is relatively new, and we honestly don’t have enough information on their software to start listing off all the things that set them apart. But, we can tell you of a few ways FreshBooks stands out because we’re very familiar with them as are tons of startups in our community.

FreshBooks Reviews


Pricing & Packaging: FreshBooks vs Kashoo

FreshBooks and Kashoo are undeniably affordable softwares, but to differentiate their plans and prices let’s look at the way they package their services and focus them towards specific types of users, of which you’re likely included.

FreshBooks pricing

FreshBooks has a great setup. Even though the list the most inexpensive from right to left, the Sprout is for your typical solopreneur or freelance professional. The Seedling and Evergreen (most popular because of pricing + features) are for average-sized startups. The Mighty Oak has a couple extra features that fit just about any operation, but also includes payroll which a solopreneur wouldn’t typically have use for…yet. FreshBooks Pricing

Aside from this, all of them have built-in basic features:


A Quick Look Inside FreshBooks

Remember, before jumping head first into FreshBooks, don’t forget they offer free 30-day trials and no credit card required. That said, let’s take a look at the software through these following screenshots so you can get an idea of how they present your data to you. It’s important!

FreshBooks Expense Tracking

FreshBooks Time Tracking Projects

FreshBooks Time Tracking

FreshBooks Accounting Reports


Kashoo pricing

Kashoo’s plans are pretty straightforward – an annual and monthly plan and as is always the case you end up saving money by opting into the annual plan. For monthly the big perk is no contract necessary. It really comes down to whether you could use a personal advisor or would like to take part in exclusive webinars.

Kashoo Accounting Pricing Plan

Here are some of the features you get with Kashoo:

A Peek Inside Kashoo

Kashoo Accounting Software

Kashoo Review and Features

kashoo Features


Which Should You Choose?


Our Final Verdict

We feel based on a number of variables that FreshBooks is the clean winner here, but primarily due to pricing and overall features. However, Startup Savant's favorite accounting software and the one we use is Xero. Check them out if you're still shopping around. Here's to a prosperous year ahead!

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