Step 1) Obtain a Copy of the Fictitious Name Statement Form and Fill It Up

WebsiteTo apply for your California DBA, you need to go to the county clerk’s office and carefully fill out your Fictitious Name Statement form.

Be ready with information about your California DBA as these are required when completing the form.


Step 2) Submit your Fictitious Name Statement Form

Register an LLCAfter completing the form, submit both the fee and the form to the clerk in the community your business is located.

Since the filing fee differs from one county to another, just make sure to prepare enough money for it or if not you can ask for the rates beforehand.


Step 3) Publish the California DBA Registration in a Local County Publication

Mail in the FormWithin your first month of filing, you will have to publish your “Doing Business As” name registration statement to a local newspaper. This should be done every week for the next four weeks.

After that time, you’ll need to give a signed affidavit of publication to the county clerk. This should also be done within 30 days of the last date of publication.

A friendly notice that this article is an informational guide. This should not be treated as a legal advice nor should you assume it is one. You can talk to your lawyer for details on filing a California DBA or specifics on starting a business in California.

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