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Enloop vs StratPad: Which is Better?

Enloop Vs StratPad

Hi there, and welcome to Startup Savant’s take on this wild Enloop vs StratPad debate. To begin, let’s see if we can’t move away from better vs worse, or The Force vs The Dark Side-style approach.

When it comes to professional-grade business planning software it’s really about which is a) more functional for someone like you, or a team like yours, and b) more aligned with the goals of your plan! Are you really looking for accounting software? Business modeling software? Analytics or a presentation-ready plan? Let’s dig in, but first…

Seven Second Summary

Based on the comparison below, we feel Enloop comes out on top. However, you should know that our #1 planning software provider is definitely LivePlan.


What Enloop & StratPad Share in Common


Popular Enloop Features


Popular StratPad Features



Pricing & Presentation: Enloop vs StratPad

Honestly, pricing is very affordable with both but they have their own ways of packaging their services and what I like to call data-presentation, or in other words aesthetics. That said, the four screenshots below are packages and sneak-peaks so you can get a feel for their style.


Enloop Pricing

Enloop Pricing

Definitely got a lot going on there. Most of our readers, and maybe you as well, are totally new to the idea of planning software, so this can get confusing fast. First, notice the number of plans you can have per package. How many do you need right now? In my opinion, this is put together like a funnel created for their ideal clients – startups and entrepreneurs.

The most logical approach seems to be, you start with their free version because you probably only need 1 plan. Then, in order to gain access to things like Charting, PDFs (without their logo), and so forth, you scale as needed. Me? Well, Startup Savant has used LivePlan from Day 1, but here I would just opt for their Professional Plan for a few months to try it out and see if it melds well with our team.


A Quick Look Inside Enloop

Enloop Review and Dashboard

In the screenshot above you can see what the dashboard, basic navigation, and website feels like. Their charting and graphs are pretty basic, no bells and whistles. On this particular page it’s asking for the business structure and prompting to see if you have basic stuff like your EIN, etc.


StratPad Pricing

StratPad’s subscription plan structure is also very startup-friendly but with much more capability to serve bigger corporations. For small-biz owners $8.25/mo is no-brainer affordable, but over the last few years they’ve begun to shift their platform more in the direction of coaching advisors and SMB consultants.

StratPad Pricing and Features

Their Planning Expert plan isn’t bad, especially with the unlimited voice support but maybe you aren’t interested in workbooks? Honestly, if you go this route set aside some time to leverage their Business Plan Coach Course. The more you know and understand about business planning in general, the better, right? Now let’s take a peak inside StratPad below.


A Quick Look Inside StratPad

Again, pretty basic dashboard navigation and data presentation. What you and your team need to get the job done is there, but are they polished, pretty and ready to present to potential investors? Tough call.

StratPad Review


3 Options Set Before You

What’s important is that you seize this momentum towards better-structuring and optimizing your business plans. Do they ensure success? No, but chances are they’ll improve every aspect of your business by shining a huge light on its most valuable and troublesome assets. Cheers!

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