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Enloop Review: A Look Into Their Software

Enloop ReviewWell hello, and welcome to Startup Savant’s Enloop Review where we’re going to do our dardest to get you informed about their business planning software. Are they the best, or better than say, LivePlan for example? Yes and no. It’s not really about who is better or worse, but rather, which has a more effective approach for you and your team’s style/culture.

To deliver the bacon but stay simple in this Enloop review, we’ll begin by looking at our favorite features then lead into their dashboard, pricing structure, and more.


Our Favorite Enloop Features

Firstly, do note that they offer a completely free and easy to use plan with no trial period or expiration date. Pretty neat right? This is a little different than other providers like StratPad’s (buggy) free trial version or LivePlan’s 60-day trial with full access.

Another very cool feature is that their software is responsive and compatible with any operating system: Windows, Mac, Android and more.

Just a Few Considerations


A Quick Look Inside Enloop

Right away you can see in the screenshot below that their dashboard is clean, decently refined, and it’s relatively easy to navigate their information architecture.

Enloop Review and Dashboard

This is probably a good place to mention that Enloop’s customer service reps are both friendly and patient. If you have questions during the initial setup process, don’t hesitate to call. Below is a look at the pitch section of the plan template and the editor you can use to make it pretty. With LivePlan, they’re templates are already pretty and modern, you just need to fill in the details.

Enloop Reviews

Not too shabby right? Will there be a little learning curve? Sure, but don’t let that freak you out, part of the power of business planning software is the process itself. Most entrepreneurs find it very insightful and helpful in terms of getting down to the most important aspects of the brand.


Enloop’s Pricing Structure

As mentioned earlier in this Enloop review, they’re one of the few companies that offer their business plan software for free. However, if you need certain features, you’ll have to pony up.

Here’s a screenshot of their pricing structure so you can see how everything breaks down. The non-free plans are paid monthly or annually. For the Basic plan, pricing is $9.95 monthly while Advanced and Professional plans on the other hand are priced at $19.95 and $39.95 respectively.

Enloop Pricing


Although the Professional Plan has complete features, the Advanced plan is highly recommended for if you decide Enloop is right for you. If you only need a few features and not an entire plan, choose the free option. You can also downgrade your plan at anytime.

You’re Probably in a Hurry to Start Planning

LivePlan Review and Promo CodeTrust me, we  understand. Planning software’s that critical “pivot” tons of entrepreneurs and startups use to propel them through the tough initial stages of coming to market and securing funds.

Eloop’s a great choice and if you’re looking for a popular alternative give LivePlan a few minutes of your time as well. The two are very different. What’s important is you make your move and start leveraging the influential power of planning. Thanks for reading our Enloop review and here’s to your success!

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