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Direct Incorporation vs LegalZoom: Which is Better?

Direct Incorporation Vs LegalZoom

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative article Direct Incorporation vs LegalZoom, two very popular and secure online incorporation providers who represent many tens of thousands of business worldwide.

They do all the heavy lifting without the need to hire a lawyer and offer a variety of other services within the process. Let’s dig first into their commonalities, then we’ll take a brief look at what sets them apart in terms of packaging and price tags.


What Direct Incorporation and LegalZoom Share in Common


Our Favorite Direct Incorporation Feature


Two Amazing LegalZoom Features


Pricing: Direct Incorporation vs LegalZoom

Lots of good stuff there, as you can see, but don’t get too excited. We need to dig into the gristle first. Below we’ve provided screenshots from their websites so you have them to compare on one page. Don’t worry if you have no idea what all this stuff if. You can totally call either company and their customer service staff will be more than helpful without all the sales prompts and automated conversation.

Direct Incorporation Pricing | Starting at $139

Direct Incorporation has four packages: Standard, Premier, Elite and Venture. Look at all those package features. For our average reader the Premier or Elite more than suffices. Premier is the way to go if you already have the site and logo stuff handled. Venture isn’t bad either if you can afford the investment and need a site.

Direct Incorporation Review LLC

The prices may seem a little higher than most incorporation providers, but if you look at the features in each package, you realize you’re paying a reasonable price for all the services you get. Unlike some other incorporation services, Direct Incorporation won’t charge you with other fees, this is the exact fixed price you pay if you decide to hire their services – no hidden charges.

LegalZoom Pricing | Starting at $149

LegalZoom has three three packages: Economy, Standard and Express Gold. They’ve trimmed things down visually by lumping many features into their “Deluxe LLC Kit”, but the prices are only slightly less expensive for pretty much the same stuff minus anything to do with web design. LegalZoom LLC Pricing

Each package also has different turnaround times, with the Express Gold having the fastest at 7 to 10 days. Although the Express Gold brings the most value, Standard is the more popular choice. Again, if all this is another language to you, pick up the phone and contact these guys. Their customer service staff ROCKS.

The Final Verdict?

So both have their give and take. While Direct Incorporation offers design help along with incorporation, LegalZoom is a little cheaper and are a bit easier when it comes to the overall process.

In the end you have the final say. I'm just here to curate pricing, features, and overall value from an entrepreneur's perspective. Trust your gut and do what you feel is best for your business.

LegalZoom Or Direct Incorporation

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