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Direct Incorporation Review: Is it Right for You?

Direct Incorporation Review

Welcome to Startup Savant’s Direct Incorporation review!

Over the next couple minutes, we’re going to pick apart their platform and explore whether or not they’re the best option for you. Because let’s be real, it takes a giant bucket of elbow grease to build a business and no one wants your hard work to go to waste.

Incorporating is about protection. It’s about officially transforming your company into its own individual self with rights and privileges under the law. That said, it’s a very complex process with tons of red tape, paperwork galore, and filing deadlines.

Direct Incorporation and its competitors like IncFile are services that take care of everything for you in a safe and secure way. You pay for a “package” and take care of the state filing fees then sit back and focus on building your business.


What You should know about Direct Incorporation


If you do some looking around you’ll see that people appreciate the level of customer service they bring to the table. Most folks have tons of questions along the way, are unsure what to say on this or that form, and in general just like to be able to talk to specialists when concerns arise.


First of all, it would be nice if Direct Incorporation offered a tracking platform so you can check the status of your orders – no more wondering, “Did that paperwork get filed?” “Did the state receive the paper work yet?”

Secondly, Direct Incorporation doesn’t have a free Registered Agent (official who sends and receives legal paperwork) service like IncFile who offers it free of charge for a full year. What this means is that either a) you’ll have to get involved with another provider that offers this service, or b) you’ll have to either find one yourself or begin the process of becoming your own agent.


Direct Incorporation Pricing

Direct Incorporation has four very straightforward packages: Standard, Premier, Elite and Venture. See the table below for the pricing, features included in each package, perks and additional services.

Direct Incorporation Review LLC

So here’s the deal, Direct Incorporation’s package pricing is higher than most incorporation providers. However, if you compare their features, even the Standard package is filled with services that you will not see in other basic packages.

Quick-Note: As a company Direct Incorporation has maintained their Norton Secured Status and are a verified merchant so you know your data is safe!

What’s really intriguing about all four of their packages are the free perks. Seldom do you see an incorporation provider that offers a free website domain, a one-month trial subscription to a compliance tool and live customer support.

Wondering which package we suggest? Glad you asked! Based on the sheer amount of value the Premier is a no-brainer. But for less than $100 more you can get all those features AND a great website + professionally designed logo. Not too shabby.


Direct Incorporation Is Right for You If…

Maybe you’re unsure and think this whole online incorporation thing feels scammy? Think again. It’s VERY common practice these days. You’re more than welcome to go about it the conventional way, but be prepared to pay lawyers FAR more money to essentially do the same exact things. It can take entrepreneurs years to get all this stuff done, but companies like Direct Incorporation or IncFile get it done safely in a fraction of the time.

Our Honest Recommendation

Direct Incorporation is a solid outfit and your business will be in good hands, but you should be aware that there are other more popular options that cost less (thank you free market!).

IncFile is definitely our favorite for a large variety of reasons, but most specifically in relation to this review, they provide free Registered Agent service.

IncFile for $49 Or Direct Incorporation for $139

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