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CorpNet vs MyCorporation: Which is Better?

CorpNet Vs MyCorporation

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative article CorpNet vs MyCorporation. The goal here really isn’t to say who is better or worse in an objective sense, but who is the best option for you. Rest assured both companies are excellent choices with many tens of thousands of businesses in their portfolio.

Let’s begin with their commonalities and then we’ll get into features, packages, features, pricing, etc. At the end you’ll get our two cents on the issue just in case you’re still having trouble deciding and moving forward. Cheers!


What CorpNet and MyCorporation Share in Common

Not too shabby! See, all that regardless of who you choose. So what kinds of things are more popular among the two, or what types of features set them apart?


Popular CorpNet Features


How MyCorporation Stands Out


Incorporation Pricing: CorpNet vs MyCorporation

The prices of incorporation packages are very important when determining which incorporation provider to choose. Here are CorpNet and MyCorporation’s prices.

CorpNet Pricing | Starting at $79

CorpNet offers three very straightforward packages: Basic, Deluxe and Complete. All three packages have free services such as a filing, standard processing time and shipping. Below is a table that shows exact prices.CorpNet Review and Pricing

The Basic package is priced at $79 and contains great features which are necessary to kickstart your business. One of its best feature is the free Registered Agent service for one year, which is valued at $150 if you purchased it with another company.

The Deluxe and Complete package have numerous other services and are priced at $199 and $249 respectively. As I mentioned before, CorpNet has 10% discount coupons for these packages so you can definitely use it here. Don’t forget to add the CorpNet discount code STARTUP10 at the checkout.

MyCorporation Pricing | Starting at $69

MyCorporation has four packages instead of the usual four. They are the Basic, Standard, Deluxe and Premium. The table below shows a more detailed illustration of the prices and features for each package.

MyCorporation Review

The Basic package is only priced at $69. It may seem cheaper than CorpNet’s but it only has three features such as the name availability search, articles of organization and the free newsletter subscription. You have to pay for the other services separately.

The succeeding packages have more or less the same price with CorpNet’s Deluxe and Complete package but they are only one feature apart. If you look closely at the features, the MyCorporation features are’t as helpful as CorpNet’s.

The Final Verdict?

CorpNet and MyCorporation are two excellent companies so we understand if you’re having a hard time. However, if you look closely at the comparison, CorpNet has an advantage over MyCorporation.

For one, it has more affordable overall prices for what they offer, plus an added bonus of discount coupons (STARTUP10). Aside from this, it also has free trademark and business name search which are not offered by MyCorporation as well as a free year of Registered Agent services.

Visit CorpNet Or Visit MyCorporation

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