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CorpNet vs LegalZoom: Which is the Best?

LegalZoom Vs CorpNet

Here’s the question on our plate in this article, who wins, CorpNet vs LegalZoom?

CorpNet and LegalZoom’s job is to make the incorporation process a lot easier and more affordable for you than it ever was for any of our ancestors going back to the bronze age. If you want to relax and continue focusing your energy on growth/expansion, it makes sense to hire one of these popular and highly-vetted companies.

To begin the comparison process, let’s look at commonalities first then their differences, package options and prices. To cap things off we’ll share with you our opinion, and that’s all it is, our opinion.


What CorpNet and LegalZoom Share in Common

CorpNet and LegalZoom are both highly experienced and credible companies that help you incorporate your business. While they’re different in many ways, they also share some common features including:


Distinct CorpNet Features


Distinct LegalZoom Features


Pricing: CorpNet vs LegalZoom

CorpNet and LegalZoom both have three very straightforward package options. There are similar features to their packages but there are also services that are not present in the other. Here’s a quick breakdown of the packages and prices.

CorpNet Pricing

CorpNet has three distinct packages: the Basic, the Deluxe and the Complete.

CorpNet Review and Pricing

Purchasing even the Complete package will save you a lot of money at the end of the day. CorpNet’s prices are still much more affordable than hiring a lawyer to incorporate your business for you.

LegalZoom Pricing

Like CorpNet, LegalZoom also has three very unique packages. They are the Economy, Standard and Express Gold. See the table below for the features of each package option, the add-ons as well the prices.

LegalZoom LLC Pricing

LegalZoom has slightly higher prices than CorpNet. However, its packages have useful features that cater to every business’ needs and you should take a closer look at what features you’ll need most.

The Express Gold has the best value but the Standard package is what most people choose. For the turnaround time, the Economy package is processed in 20 to 35 days while the Express Gold has a 7 to 10 day processing. If you have a deadline for starting your business, the Express Gold will be your best option.

The Final Verdict?

Now, all that said, here's the end of the day pick from Startup Savant, but you should follow your gut on this one. Good news is that whether you pick LegalZoom or CorpNet, you and your business will be in very good and professional hands.

However CorpNet is hard to beat being $70 less for the same services.

CorpNet for $79 Or LegalZoom for $149

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