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CorpNet vs BizFilings: Which is the Best?

Corpnet Vs BizFilings

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative article CorpNet vs BizFilings. These are two very well-known and dependable providers within the online incorporation industry. They help businesses with the legal matter are a highly-discounted price relative to the cost of most professional business lawyers and firms.

Let’s first take a look at their commonalities, then we’ll get into their features, packaging options, pricing and the whole kit’n kabootle. Sound good? Great, let’s dig in.


What CorpNet and BizFilings Share in Common


Popular CorpNet Features


How BizFilings Stands Out


Incorporation Pricing: CorpNet vs BizFilings

When choosing an incorporation provider, keep in mind most core services are about the same price so it comes down to everything else you get in their package depending on your needs.

CorpNet Pricing Starts at $79

The Basic, Deluxe and Complete are CorpNet’s three package options. Some of the free perks you get are the filing, standard processing time and free shipping. Here’s a table showing you the features and prices for each package.CorpNet Review and Pricing

BizFilings Pricing Starts at $99

BizFilings has three packages: Basic, Standard and Complete. These packages have three basic features with them, the business name verification, preparation and filing of all documents and the BizComply.

BizFilings Review Pricing Packages

As I said before, BizFilings Basic package is more expensive, it is priced at $99 compared to CorpNet’s $79. There seems to be no other additional services added to the Basic package. The best value on the other hand belongs to the Complete package at $349. It may be quite expensive for most incorporation services but it is still more affordable than hiring an attorney and more reliable than doing it yourself.

Which Makes The Most Sense?

CorpNet and BizFilings are excellent choices. However you only need one.

Although BizFilings is a great company, CorpNet has an edge because it is a little cheaper and its incorporation bundles are more feature packed than BizFilings. At the end of the day, it’s up to you which one you want for your business. The most important thing is to choose wisely.

CorpNet for $79 Or BizFilings for $99

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