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CorpNet Review: Are They A Good Fit?

CorpNet Review

Welcome to Startup Savant’s CorpNet review where you can easily explore your options as you begin the process of incorporating your small business. As providers go they’re one of the newer kids on the block, having opened their doors in 2008 down in sunny southern California.

But to be perfectly and completely honest, it really doesn’t matter who of the more popular options you choose, whether CorpNet, LegalZoom, or IncFile.

Question is, which one works best for you in terms of how their packages are put together? For example, if you opt for IncFile’s Complete Package you get the option of a free business website. While CorpNet offers a Customized LLC kit and Seal in theirs.

Speaking of which…


CorpNet Features

What really sets them apart aside from packaging variations? Well, CorpNet isn’t as huge as IncFile or LegalZoom. They’re a startup in their first decade that caters especially to smaller businesses who need help getting off the ground. Let’s dive in.

Also, along with helping you get registered and official, they can help you run your business through their cloud-based compliance tool that alerts you of document filings and tax reminders. This way you’ll never get blindsided by the fine print or delayed. Now let’s dig into their pricing structure so can see how they lay everything out.


CorpNet Pricing Structure

CorpNet offers three package options: Basic, Deluxe, and Complete. The Filing fee, standard processing time and shipping fee are all free. CorpNet isn’t a heavy sales platform which is why they have their own following in the startup/entrepreneur community worldwide.CorpNet Review and Pricing

At the end of the day for $79 you can get your business incorporated through CorpNet. But that’s just the beginning. You also have more options to make the entire process both less time-consuming and less complex later on down the road.

The reason these service providers are so successful is because if you hire a lawyer to do the incorporation for you, you’ll definitely pay triple or even quadruple the price of the Deluxe package. From a startup-cost perspective, using an online incorporation service like CorpNet or IncFile is a no-brainer.


CorpNet Is Ideal If…

The Final Verdict?

CorpNet adds incredible value to your new business. If you're looking to expand your horizons and would like more options, check out IncFile.

What's important is that you commit and take massive action towards transforming your dream/idea into an officially recognized company with all the many legal protections that comes along with it.

IncFile for $49 Or CorpNet for $79

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