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Business Plan Pro vs iPlanner: Who Wins?

Business Plan Pro Vs PlanGuru

Writing a business plan can be a complicated process and takes time. If you don’t want to write your own business plan, that is where business plan softwares come in.

Business Plan Pro and iPlanner are two business plan softwares that will help you create a solid business plan for your company. But before you decide which business plan software to choose, go through this Business Plan Pro vs iPlanner review and find out which has the better features for you.

Seven Second Summary: Based on this comparison, Business Plan Pro wins. However many of our readers have pointed out that LivePlan is the business plan software they decide to use. LivePlan is cloud based and has over 500 sample plans to help you write a fully customized business plan. Continue reading or grab your 25% off discount to see why LivePlan is the top pick.

What do Business Plan Pro and iPlanner have in common?


Business Plan Pro Features that Are Better Than iPlanner


iPlanner Features that Are Better Than Business Plan Pro


Pricing: Business Plan Pro vs iPlanner

Business Plan Pro and iPlanner are very different when it comes to their pricing. Here’s a breakdown of their plans/subscriptions with their corresponding features.

Business Plan Pro pricing:

Business Plan Pro ReviewIf you want to try Business Plan Pro’s services, there are two types of editions that you can purchase. The Standard edition is $99.95 and the Premier edition is $159.95. The Premier and Standard edition have different features, below is a table that will show you the specific features for every edition.

Business Plan Pro Reviews and Features Business Plan Pro Reviews

Since the Premier plan is more expensive, it naturally has more complete features than the Standard Plan. Business Plan Pro’s prices are more expensive than other softwares but it still has a massive following of entrepreneurs because of the quality of services it provides.


iPlanner pricing:

iPlanner divides its services through 3 subscriptions: the Professional, the Corporate and the Corporate Plus. You can customize your plan according to the number of months you want to subscribe to iPlanner’s services. The Professional plan has monthly subscription of 3 to 12 months and the Corporate plan only offers a 6 month or 12 month subscription.

If you choose the Professional Plan, you’ll only be able to make one project whereas if you choose the Corporate Plan, you can make as many as 500 projects. The prices between these two plans will vary according to the number of monthly subscription you choose.

The Corporate Plus is a new service level, you can contact sales support if you want to know its specifics such as pricing and features. Pricing


Which Should You Choose? Business Plan Pro or iPlanner?

Write a Business PlanBusiness Plan Pro and iPlanner are both good options, but if you want the most comprehensive business plan software, choose Business Plan Pro. It has better features and more overall value.

However, if you want something that has a balance of value and affordability, look into LivePlan. LivePlan has more or less the same features as Business Plan Pro (plus many more) but at a more affordable price at just $11.66/month.

More than 350,000 have used LivePlan to write a solid business plan as it has has become our readers top pick. Learn more by reading our complete review or by grabbing your discount below.

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