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BizFilings vs Which is Best?

BizFilings Vs

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative article BizFilings vs These are two good and well-known options when it comes time to incorporate a business or brand online.

They save you tons of time, red tape, and money by handling the process. Which one is best for you depends not so much on pricing as most of these providers are within reach of one another, but about their service packages and features. Let’s dive in!


What BizFilings and Share in Common

If you’re new to all this those similarities must be sounding pretty good. But really, they’re just the tip of the ice berg. You would be shocked to find out how many entrepreneurs are floored by how awesome this all is once you choose a provider, make the investment, and roll with it. These companies are amazing! Let’s look at some of their own specific features then we’ll dive into how they package their services.


Excellent BizFiling Features


Where Shines


Incorporation Pricing: BizFilings vs

First, find out what kind of filing fees you’re facing in your state or the state where you’re incorporating. Once you’ve got that figured out, then you can add the package prices to see the total investment. Just image that number if you had to incorporate exclusively using a business lawyer…

BizFilings Packages & Features

BizFilings has three packages: Basic, Standard, and Complete. All three packages have built-in services like business name verification, preparation and filing of all documents, plus a 24/7 monitoring tool and a six months free Registered Agent service.

BizFilings Review Pricing Packages

The prices for BizFilings packages are reasonable and overall much more affordable than The Company Corporation if you’re looking for a more premium package. But for tens of thousands of modern startups it’s relative, and while the sticker price is bigger the value is there. Let’s compare. Packages & Features

The Company Corporation like BizFilings has three straightforward packages: Starter, The Essentials and The Works.

The Company Corporation Pricing and Review

Within seconds their second package is dominant, the clear choice, but if business coaching is appealing then $395 is a great price! It’s high-quality stuff that can work wonders. Be sure to get a better idea of what’s involved by contacting their customer support team. The Works is jam-packed with complete features to kickstart your business.

The Final Verdict?

If you've boiled it down to these two, then what do you think now that you've had a chance to compare/contrast? Hard choice! It's like trying to choose between two great pairs of shoes, each with their own unique appeal.

Well, we think BizFilings has an edge over The Company Corporation with more affordable packages and spread out optional features/add ons. At the end of the day though, follow your gut and connect with the service that meets your needs best. Cheers to your new official business! Or

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