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MyCorporation vs BizFilings: Which is Best?

MyCorporation Vs BizFilings

BizFilings and MyCorporation are two great options for incorporating a business online. But before you choose one, you have to be aware of what each company offers.

This MyCorporation vs BizFilings review will show you the common features shared by both companies, the services that are only unique to them and their prices.


What BizFilings and MyCorporation have in common

Most online incorporation providers offer similar services, and this is also true for both BizFilings and MyCorporation. Here are common features they share that can help you kickstart your business:


Distinct BizFilings Features


How MyCorporation Features Stack Up


Incorporation Pricing: BizFilings vs MyCorporation

Most entrepreneurs starting out consider the prices of incorporation services very important. The next part will be a discussion of their package options, features and prices.

BizFilings Packages Structure

BizFilings offers three package options namely the Basic, the Standard and the Complete. These packages basically have three exclusive features, the business name verification, preparation and filing of all documents and the 24/7 monitoring tool, BizComply.

The Basic package is worth $99. Aside from the three features I mentioned, a Registered Agent service for 6 months, state filing and shipping are also part of the package. All other services are considered add-ons, here’s a table of the three packages.

BizFilings Review Pricing Packages

The Standard and Complete package are a few features apart and although the Complete package has the best value, the Standard package is more popular.

MyCorporation Packages Structure

Unlike most incorporation services, MyCorporation has four package options namely the the Basic, the Standard, the Deluxe and the Premium. The table below shows the features for each package as well as the prices.

MyCorporation Review

The Basic package is priced at $69. It has three features, the name availability search, articles of organization and the free newsletter subscription. Other services must be paid individually.

The rest of the packages have more features, but if you look close, they are only separated by one feature each. At the end of the day, these prices are fairly reasonable considering the services you get. Just make sure you are choosing the package that offers your business’ specific needs.

Which Makes The Most Sense?

BizFilings’ pricing starts at $99 while MyCorporation’s starts at $69. If you need more features, BizFilings definitely the more expensive option. Since you will save $30 and have more features to choose from, MyCorporation wins. Or

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