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144 Best Resources for Starting a Business in California

Resources for Starting a Business

Starting a business in California is challenging, but how you take on that challenge will determine the success or failure of your startup. True, things can get overwhelming especially when you’re trying to complete requirements and accomplish paperwork, but you should also realize that there are numerous resources you can use to minimize your effort at accomplishing all tasks by yourself and be cost effective at the same time.

As a practical entrepreneur, you should consider some of the resources mentioned in this guide. They are the top resources that will help bring your great idea to life.



1) California SBDC

The California SBDC Network provides a wide variety of tools, resources, and guidance to small business entrepreneurs in order for their venture to succeed in a highly competitive economic state. Technical assistance and personalized professional consulting are just some of the lined up assistance programs to help entrepreneurs. Add to that the free or low-cost training, workshops, and seminars, and you have the perfect arsenal to start a business in California.

2) California Resource Guide for Small Business

When it comes to starting a business in California, using this California Resource Guide will enable you to fully understand what needs to be done to successfully accomplish the task of forming your very own business. This guide is as comprehensive as it gets, with in-depth discussions of the most important steps to forming a business legally.

3) GO-Biz

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development or GO-Biz is the official go-to resource for all your small business requirements. It provides a number of links to the various non-profit and government tie-up organizations that help facilitate the startup and formation of small business for the entire state.

4) Assembly Member Jim Cooper Small Business Resources

A good source of every federal organization and agency that can help small business entrepreneurs get on their feet. A list of these agencies, including the contact information and the link to the official website are provided.

5) Riverside Public Library

The Riverside Public Library features a host of resources for small business formation. From general state resources to state and local business resources in California, you can find it in their website. In addition, links to finding capital funds to start your California business to writing business plans to supporting organizations and counseling to small business sites are also found in the repository of the Riverside Public Library.

6) California Business Portal

When it comes to completing the assortment of requirements for starting a business, the California Business Portal should be the guide you need to have. From registration requirements to corporate filing tips to forms, samples, and fees, everything is on here. Related links relevant to the startup process are also provided in this resource.

7) CalGold

CalGold is an online tool small business entrepreneurs can use to find the necessary information on all kinds of permits and licenses needed to start a business. This tool also supplies contact information from different federal and state agencies in charge of specific licenses or those agencies that issue these permits.

8) Monterey County Small Business Resource Network

The Monterey County Small Business Resource Network helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams of a small business startup. In partnership with Monterey County’s Free Libraries, it is the aim of this virtual center to provide startups and early-stage enterprises with the right resources to not just successfully start a business, but expand it as well.

9) My Own Business

My Own Business offers free entrepreneurship education through courses and learning modules. With My Own Business, you can easily learn how to begin your dream business and go through all the steps with free resources, from starting it up to plans of expansion. Each of the courses is divided into several parts with relevant lessons for optimal learning.

10) East Bay SCORE

The office of the East Bay SCORE provides small business entrepreneurs with the proper resources and personalized business counseling so that startups are off to a good start. The East Bay SCORE also schedules regular free workshops and seminars on various aspects of setting up your business. To boot, the counseling and mentoring that the business experts of SCORE provide not only give valuable advice, but also a clear cut direction as to how to bring your business to success.

11) Operation HOPE

One of Operation HOPE’s Programs and Services that can immensely help startup entrepreneurs is its Small Business Empowerment Program. The aim of this program is to help turn business dreamers into actual business owners through an assortment of assistance programs and services and workshops and training. The target of the program is aspiring entrepreneurs from low-income neighborhoods in California.

12) Working Solutions

At the heart of the San Francisco Bay area, Working Solutions strives to encourage small business formations by offering access to capital as well as free resources to help startups and early-stage enterprises. Working Solutions focuses on helping low-income businesses as well as women and minority-owned businesses. Working Solutions also offer one-on-one mentorship, networking events, and legal advice to its microloan clients.


The California State University Monterey Bay SBDC supplies a wealth of business resources to develop and strengthen small business enterprises all across central California. The comprehensive assistance provided by the CSUMB SBDC covers a wide range of services that includes consultation sessions, training and education, and innovative tools that foster the development of a highly sustainable and competitive business.

14) SBA Learning Center

The SBA Learning Center is the ideal environment to learn as much as you can as a startup entrepreneur. It provides a host of various learning courses that help entrepreneurs on different areas of running a business. From how-to courses on federal contracting to writing a business plan to basic accounting, the SBA Learning Center has got it covered.

15) California Secretary of State Business Programs

For all aspects related to your business requirements in California, the state’s Business Programs directory is a great source. From information you need to learn about business programs in general to forms, sample forms, and filing fees for each requirement to processing times for these obligations, you can find everything on here.

16) Tahoe Chamber

For aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to find a complete guide on starting a business in the Tahoe area, Tahoe Chamber supplies all the information and resources you need. A list of resources including government agencies, labor law compliance links, monthly workshops, business coaching, and a host of other informative resources are also given.

17) California Business Resource

The California Business Resource is an SBA-generated guide that walks entrepreneurs through the process of how to comply with license and permits in California. Also included is pertinent information you must know about these aspects.

18) Small Business Assistance

This Small Business Assistance resource is brought to you by the US House Committee Small Business member Judy Chu who recognizes the importance of the role small businesses play in the ongoing economic recovery the state is facing. With this, the resource supplies a wealth of information including a complete list of agencies and organizations that help every startup entrepreneur within the state of California, including the links to its respective websites.

 19) Small Business California

Small Business California is a pro-active and non-partisan business organization whose main goal is to improve the overall health of California’s small business industry. To address the needs of small business owners and improve the business environment, SB-Cal provides entrepreneurs with the needed resources to start, grow and expand their business. It also conducts annual surveys to know the progress of small businesses in the state as well as provide current and up-to-date business news.

20) SmallBizDaily

SmallBizDaily is an online business magazine that aims to inspire California entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s an all-in-one go-to for those seeking insights, ideas and information about business management, sales and marketing, technology and everything about startups. The online magazine also gives you a heads-up about hot topics and latest trends and practices in the small business industry. Two of the most important things that the magazine provides entrepreneurs is its loan center and women’s resource center.

21) Running a Small Business

Running a small business in Southern California is a business blog that helps small business owners start their business by offering real business advice, tips and guides from existing entrepreneurs. It provides business owners with articles that are not only relevant to starting a business, but are also a source of motivation and encouragement.

22) Southern California Professional

Southern California Professional is the first ever Dual Internet Platform in the state of California. The business publication is manned and written by experienced business consultants and other business professionals who specialize in dealing with business, financial and legal issues commonly faced by small businesses. The Southern California Professional has articles related to business and finance and anything that’s relevant to the business industry.

23) Town of Los Gatos California

The Town of Los Gatos California values small businesses, thus, they’ve partnered with local and government agencies, private organizations and individuals to deliver valuable business assistance programs that are free and affordable. To be able to help small business owners further, the site has prepared local, regional and state resources that entrepreneurs can take advantage of.

24) Solano

The Solano College Small Business Development Center is a government initiative under America’s Small Business Development Center. It is one of the 900 SBDC’s set-up in the entire county that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs, start and manage their growing startup to success. Some of the services offered by Solano include small business assistance ranging from affordable to free services, workshops, a 12-Week Small Business Training Program, a small business library, free advice and mentoring and so much more.

25) BuildLACCD

The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Community Economic Development (CED) Program is geared towards encouraging local businesses, students and individuals to start their own business in California and achieving economic growth.

26) Altadena Library District

Altadena Library District is a virtual library that offers entrepreneurs a variety of books and articles to read. It features and recommends articles on starting a business, writing a business plan, introduction to legal forms and documents, small business tax and a lot more. The library also provides entrepreneurs with online business and financing resources.

27) ButteCounty

ButteCounty has made a list of organizations that are committed to assisting small businesses in different phases of development. These organizations work together to provide expert assistance to budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. They also provide direct business assistance, funding, human resources and business mentorship and counseling.

28) City of Merced Office of Economic Development

The City of Merced aims to assist entrepreneurs in starting their business by helping them with site location, permitting, plan check, business licenses and recycling market development zone. The government offers a wide variety of small business services through different government departments and private business organizations.

29) Sutter One Stop

Sutter County One Stop is an organization that assists individuals to look for employment opportunities, education and relevant training. Apart from this, they also help local businesses with hiring, training and human resource. As part of their economic development initiative, they’ve made a list of business resources which California entrepreneurs can use to start their small business.

30) Small Business Majority

The Small Business Majority is a business advocacy organization that focuses on helping startups solve common small business problems. The organization further assists small business owners by providing them with the resources and tools that they need. Small Business Minority aims to build two things: income and independence for target populations such as women, minorities, youth, veterans and immigrants.

31) California Small Business Association

The California Small Business Association is a volunteer and non-profit organization with the primary goal to give small business owners a voice in California as well as the federal government. The association is a strong advocate of small business issues, making sure that they are addressed in and efficient and timely manner. They also provide entrepreneurs with useful resources and information.

32) Southern State Inc. Insurance Services

The Southern State Inc. Insurance Services is a firm that provides commercial risk management all throughout California. However, the company also values small businesses so it has made a list of business resources and government agencies and departments that are more than willing to assist small business owners.



1) How to Start a Business in California

This guide on how to start a business in California enumerates the basic steps to follow when you’re a startup entrepreneur. It’s the simplest guide there is that can be a startup entrepreneur’s stepping stone to finally forming a venture. To boot, recommended resources and application tools are provided in the guide as well.

2) How to Form an LLC in California

An LLC in California can be easily formed with the help of a basic how-to guide. With the How to Form an LLC in California guide, you are able to figure out the steps on how to form a CA LLC by following some basic steps.

3) How to File a DBA in California

This guide on how to file a DBA in California is as simple as it gets, with emphasis on the actual steps to filling out the form and submitting it to the appropriate government agency in charge of registering your business’ trade name/assumed name.

4) How to Finance a Business in California

If you’re looking for financing options to raise capital funds for your startup, this guide on how to finance a business in California is an absolute read. Outlining five of the current financial options readily available, you can compare and make a well-informed choice using this guide.

5) How to Get a California Registered Agent

Registered Agent services for small businesses looking to incorporate in California are required. This guide on how to get one will walk you through California regulations and requirements when hiring for one. Plus, it recommends a proven Registered Agent service you may want to try, although it is not mandatory.

6) How to Form a Corporation in California

If you’re looking to incorporate a California Corporation, the best way to go about it is to follow this How to Form a Corporation in California guide. With easy-to-follow steps and a few additional resources to incorporate faster, it can easily accomplish the startup task easier and faster.

7) How to Incorporate in California

Basically any entrepreneur looking to legally register his business in the state of California needs to incorporate his entity. To jumpstart this process, this guide will walk you through the steps on how to do it. What you must do and how to do it are outlined in each step to ensure that you can incorporate your business easily.




The Service Corps of Retired Executives is the biggest network of business mentors and experts who offer free mentoring assistance services. For every small business entrepreneur, one-on-one counseling on the different aspects of running a small business is vital, and this is what SCORE will help you with. SCORE also schedules regular online and local business training that ranges from live webinars, online and local workshops to community events.

2) SBA

The US Small Business Administration is in charge of ensuring that small business concerns and interests are taken care of. The SBA provides comprehensive assistance programs and services for small businesses across the country to its satellite district offices. Programs that help startup entrepreneurs with managing their businesses effectively, acquiring knowledge on contracting, learning of various loans and grants for capital funds, and furthering education on various aspects of running a business are offered by the SBA.


America’s Small Business Development Centers is a nationwide network of associations that provide total small business assistance in the whole country and its territories. Primarily, the SBDC aims to provide free of charge, expert one-on-one business consulting services and low-cost business training and workshop events. More importantly, it is SBDC’s goal to provide small businesses with the requisite tools and resources to remain relevant in a highly competitive business market.

4) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is a free online magazine that supplies startup entrepreneurs across the country with a wealth of how-to guides on how to jumpstart a small business venture. Covering a wide range of topics of how-to guides, Startup Savant also features rates and article reviews on various small business resources in the market today. It also introduces Startup University, the premier learning tool that helps small business entrepreneurs learn the basics of business.

5) is recognized as the premier source of information for individuals who want to start, run, and grow their own business. Through’s vast resource of articles that cover basically all topics when running a business, you are able to get the best business ideas, tips, and information. How-to articles, business products and events are also included as part of the resources provided by this online magazine.

6) AllBusiness

AllBusiness is the biggest and most comprehensive online resource for small businesses in the world. With essential resources and tools, AllBusiness provides real-world expert advice and practical tips on how to start and run your business so that it develops into a successful venture. With a large repository of how-to articles and special reports, plus weekly coverage on new business trends and events, AllBusiness is a must for startups.

7) Wealthy Gorilla

At Wealthy Gorilla, you’re not only inspired to work on your business’ success, but you’ll be provided with enough inspiration and motivation to be successful at life and as an individual. With a massive online library of motivational stores from successful individuals to motivational quotes. Wealthy Gorilla offers a refreshing take on how to be fulfilled and successful as an individual; not just through business success, but as a whole, on a holistic level.



1) SBA Loan Programs

When looking to have your business financed in California, the SBA provides a selection of loan programs for various purposes. In line with this, your foremost consideration would be whether you qualify for that specific loan program or not. From small business loans to microloan programs to real estate and equipment acquisition loans; check out each requirement and consider this option.

2) SBIC Program

The SBIC Program works well as a way to finance your small business. This government program also has certain qualifications to be given access to the required capital. To know whether SBIC financing is the right option to choose for your business, look up the resource above.

3) State of California Grants

One of the foremost considerable options when financing a California business is through financial grants. The State of California has a number of financial grants lined up for entrepreneurs from various industries. This guide presents to you these financial grants for your consideration. Each area of the grant has links to direct you further about that specific grant.

4) California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program

The California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program’s main goal is to provide the necessary funding to small businesses by way of loans to ensure that they can start their business sans the capital access barrier. An overview of the program, criteria for qualifying for the said financing option, and other information pertinent to the program are also discussed.

5) Small Business Finance

The CDC Small Business Finance is the way to go if you’re thinking of getting a loan to raise the required capital for your business. Since the CDC SBF has a wide selection of loan products that you may qualify for, it provides you with a simple questionnaire to determine which loan suits your business requirements best. The CDC Small Business Finance usually grants loans starting from $10,000 for working capital and higher.

6) Opportunity Fund Business Loans

The Opportunity Fund Business Loans offers various California small business loans. For funding capital, you can loan amounts ranging from $2,600 up to $100,000. The qualifications for the loans are easy, with a fast turnaround time on loan processing and release, plus affordable interest rates that is a great alternative to bank financing.

7) Cal-X Crowdfund Connect

The Cal-X Crowdfund Connect is a Santa Monica-based capitalist stock exchange that regularly promotes the meeting of local investors to local entrepreneurs to foster the growth of small business enterprises within the state. Cal-X heavily promotes women-owned enterprises and in fact, it has sponsored a number of women conferences.

8) Los Angeles Angel Investors

The Los Angeles Angel Investors provides a viable option for startup entrepreneurs who are looking to have their business funded through angel investors. Through the LA Angel Investors guide, startups can find local angel investors who are willing to finance their business and take the risks that regular investors do not.

9) Tech Coast Angels

Tech Coast Angels is recognized as one of the largest angel investment companies in the country, and has long been established with a reputation for providing startup entrepreneurs with a variety of assistance options aside from investing in hundreds of startup companies. Tech Coast Angels also establishes critical business connections, hands-on mentoring, helps raise additional venture capital funds, and more.

10) Band of Angels

Band of Angels is a seed funding company that is composed of high-tech executives who are looking for fresh, cutting-edge companies that show promise. The selection process to seed funding takes place every month with three startups for consideration and screened using the Band Deal Selection Process. Entrepreneurs of the startup usually go through examination and will have the chance to be funded by the most successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

11) Finance Store

The Finance Store lives with one purpose: “to help you succeed”. With this in mind, the Finance Store provides a variety of funding programs that can cater to your particular business needs. The Finance Store’s funding programs include revenue loans, equipment financing, startup funding, franchise funding, private investors, crowdfunding, and more.

12) Cashbloom

Cashbloom offers business loans with customized terms to provide your business with the requisite funding to get started. With financing loan terms that range from 3 to 24 months, Cashbloom offers you flexible terms so your business can manage to grow. The simplified loan application process and the automated payment system guarantee that you’ll be able to benefit from the loans quickly and conveniently.

13) Small Business Financial Development of Orange County

The Small Business Financial Development of Orange County aims to give small businesses within the Orange County area access to much needed capital by way of state loan guarantees as well as other business development and capital programs. Special emphasis is placed on supporting small business owned by veterans, the disabled, and women.

14) Pacific Community Ventures

The Pacific Community Ventures provides inexpensive small business loans to California businesses that help create jobs in local communities. PCV also works with businesses that have difficulty accessing capital funds such as minority and women borrowers. As a PCV loan borrower, PCV also provides you with free expert business advice in a variety of business areas such as marketing, operations, sales, and HR.

15) Pasadena Angels

The Pasadena Angels are Southern California’s alliance of accredited investors who are keen to invest in startup companies that show a lot of promise. Not only does the Pasadena Angels offer capital for your startup, but they also work to help entrepreneurs with their business expertise and vast connection of networks. Through this, they aim to be able to turn awesome ideas into great companies that provide job opportunities.

16) California Coastal Rural Development Corporation

As a premier financial resource, the California Coastal Rural Development Corporation services the financial needs of small businesses in the Central Coast areas of California. It strives to provide loan guarantees and direct loans to small-sized entrepreneurs through its eight available loan programs. Direct loans and guarantees can be used for working capital, equipment acquisition or inventory purposes.

17) California Business Funding Center

The California Business Funding Center is a private organization that provides assistance to small business owners helping them to gain funding/capital for their startup. They have a full list of financing resources and agencies that can help entrepreneurs as they start building their business. A grant finder is also available for use; the tool can aid business owners in finding the right grant, specific to their industry and location.

18) California Capital Financial Development Corporation

The California Capital Financial Development Corporation is an organization that aims to create economic development programs and services that will benefit underserved communities.  The organization particularly promotes small business development by providing business capital and development assistance and allowing entrepreneurs to gain access to a wide range of financial products.

19) California United Bank

The California United Bank is a financial institution that is fully committed to providing aid to small businesses through funding/capital. With this, the bank offers SBA loan programs. Small business owners and California entrepreneurs can download the application forms on their website; the bank will help them choose the type of loan best for their business and assist them as they go through the loan application process.

20) Bank of Southern California

Bank of Southern California provides a wide variety of financing solutions to entrepreneurs and small business owners. The financial institution strives to understand every entrepreneur’s business needs so they can structure a specific financing solution specific for different clients. They have lines of credit, term loans, SBA loans, express business loans and a lot more.

21) BFS West Capital

BFS West Capital is a private finance company and leading provider of small business loans to local businesses. The company specializes in financing solutions for entrepreneurs who are finding it difficult to apply for working capital from traditional lending institutions. The main goal of BFS West Capital is to enable small businesses in Southern California to survive.

22) Safe-BIDCO

State Assistance Fund for Enterprise, Business and Industrial Development Corporation (SAFE-BIDCO) started its operations in 1981 and has since been assisting small business owners to obtain funding for their small business. Programs at SAFE-BIDCO aim to strengthen economic development by helping California entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

23) California Reinvest Coalition

The California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC) supports small businesses from low-income communities, specifically minority and women-owned businesses. These populations encounter more difficulties in applying and receiving working capital and business loans from financial institutions like banks and traditional lending institutions thus, the CRC, aims to make funding more accessible for them.

24) BFS Capital

BFS Capital is a private lending company that helps California business owners obtain capital and funding for their startups. Depending on the industry and type of business an entrepreneur is planning to build, BFS Capital has a full list of financial solutions, small business loans and merchant cash advances specific to your business needs and goals.

25) California Southern – Small Business Development Corporation

The California Southern Small Business Development Corporation is a non-profit organization and part of the 11 funded loan guarantee programs in the state of California. Its main goal is to help small businesses who are unable to qualify and get approved for a loan without having a guarantee. It specifically accommodates minority and women owned businesses. For the past five years, they’ve guaranteed a total of 600 loans amounting to more than $56,000,000.

26) Sacramento Credit Union

The Sacramento Credit Union is a financial institution accredited by the U.S. Small Business Administration to execute SBA loans to small business owners and entrepreneurs so they can start building their dream business. The credit union assists entrepreneurs as they apply and go through the process of loan approval. They can give business owners the capital to purchase real estate, equipment and capital improvements. Aside from SBA loans, they also offer term loans, short and long term financing and fixed or floating interests.

27) Superior California Economic Development

The Superior California Economic Development is a company that provides small business financing, small business training and economic development planning. The agency also helps entrepreneurs tackle the challenges of small businesses by providing them with business startup assistance so they can successfully overcome business issues.

28) Business Finance Center

The Business Finance Center is a Certified Development Corporation under the Small Business Administration designated to assist small businesses prepare and file their loans. The BFC is responsible for the preparation of loan packages, SBA documents, procedures and the filing and application of loans. Available loans include the 504 program, revolving loan program and intermediary relending program.

29) Greater Sacramento Certified Development Corporation (GSCDC)

The Greater Sacramento Certified Development Corporation (GSCDC) is a Certified Development Corporation allowed by the U.S. Small Business Administration to administer the 504 loan to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

30) Shoreside Loans

Shoreside loans is a private financial lending company that ensures fast and easy processing of small business loans and installment loans. Shoreside loans’ small business financing program enables business owners gain access to funds and capital whenever they need it. The company gives entrepreneurs unrestricted rules when it comes to fund spending; they also don’t need to have a perfect credit history to apply for loans.



1) Matter

As a premier startup accelerator, Matter provides an excellent five-month kick-off program and fosters a strong community of peers. Matter helps entrepreneurs by providing the necessary investment, the office space, and a highly collaborative group to become successful. Matter’s boot-camp program is designed in a way to ready startups to raise funds as soon as demo day is finished.

2) Y Combinator

Y Combinator is a seed funding company that pays for your startup expenses while you’re getting on your feet.  Through the Y Combinator program, the startup is moved to Silicon Valley and enrolled in a 3-month program where Y Combinator will work intensively with them to get the business going and to polish their elevator to investors. Twice a year, Y Combinator invests a fixed amount of money into a number of startups to accomplish this.

3) Upwest Labs

Upwest Labs is an early-stage investor committed to helping fearless entrepreneurs build innovative, cutting-edge companies. Upwest Labs believes that more than just securing the startup’s funding, it is the long-term growth that’s even more important. With this in mind, Upwest Labs provides an ecosystem where everything needed for a startup to success is provided.

4) Parisoma

Parisoma is a coworking space that holds more than a hundred entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is the goal of Parisoma to see these startups become successful, and they provide events, partnerships, and classes to achieve this. Parisoma has a vast network of highly skilled mentors, successful alumni, and partner organizations to help startups.

5) Amplify

A hands-on accelerator, Amplify believes that not all companies are created equal nor do they also traverse the same road. At the core value of Amplify’s accelerator program is the flexible approach to startup acceleration. With this core value in mind, Amplify’s team of mentors and business experts closely observe your performance as a startup and give your business the boost and support it needs throughout your entire stay with Amplify.

6) Sandbox Suites

No matter the office space you need, Sandbox Suites offers you a variety of coworking spaces that do not only meet your standards, but also help you gain an established community of entrepreneurs to help you have an interesting and conducive environment to build a successful small business. Sandbox Suites features different sets of memberships that range from the basic month-to-month private desk to public office memberships.

7) Chicklabs

Chicklabs is both an excellent incubator and accelerator for women-led companies and women-centered products. From the development phase to investment and branding up to promotion, Chicklabs will make sure that your startup succeeds. It is also within their core program to connect their clients to a wide range of mentoring services and effective resources to produce results that will benefit women-led organizations.

 8) 500 Startups

Regardless if you’re just getting started or you’re in the early stages of your business, 500 Startups has the resources you need to accomplish your business goals. Through its 4-month accelerator program, you get to receive the benefits of being under the wings of 500 Startups. From excellent mentorship to hands-on meetings with business startup professionals to an awesome office space, everything will be provided by 500 Startups.

9) EvoNexus

As a non-profit incubator for Southern California’s startup community, EvoNexus has excellent office spaces and facilities a solid financial backing that enables them to provide free assistance and incubator programs for the growth and success of various small business enterprises. More than just being an ordinary incubator, EvoNexus also features a variety of high-value events to help establish your business network.

10) Founders Space

Founders Space is one of the leading incubators in the state and is recognized by Forbes as one of the top ten. As an incubator, Founders Space provides a comprehensive startup program taught by industry experts. This incubator company also has a large network of advisors, lawyers, marketing professionals and more to assist startup entrepreneurs. A free coworking space is also a given if you’re part of the Founders Space group.

11) Launchpad LA

Launchpad LA is the startup accelerator for exceptional entrepreneurs who have the drive to succeed and achieve their business goals. With investments made by Launchpad LA ranging between $25,000 and $100,000, you also get a free office space a block away from the amazing Santa Monica Beach. More so, you also get to enjoy the benefits of a massive network of the best investors, advisors and mentors.

12) OCTANe Launchpad

OCTANe Launchpad is an accelerator program with a proven track record when it comes to providing assistance to early-stage technology companies with the Orange County area. OCTANe is geared towards connecting startup entrepreneurs and their business ideas with adequate capital funding and the necessary resources to get started.

13) LA Startup Club

The LA Startup Club gathers together all the incredible entrepreneurs within the Los Angeles, California to discuss all aspects that involve starting and running a business. With the coming together of numerous entrepreneurs, a vast network is also established where exchange of ideas are fostered.

14) Idealab

Idealab was initially created to make, build and run companies that defy the status quo. Idealab also has creative office spaces that are ideal for startups with up to 20 employees or so. The full-service office space has a unique and vibrant setting to inspire you to succeed and develop collaborations. Plus, excellent support services to cap it off.

15) FFL Startup Accelerator

First Floor Labs (FFL) is a free coworking space sponsored by private business organizations and agencies. Its main priority is to make sure that all clients are working as productively as possible. First Floor Labs encourages creativity and collaboration among professionals so that they can create innovative ideas and concepts. They have convenient amenities such as a gym, kitchen and even conference rooms.

16) Blackbox

Blackbox is a business accelerator that encourages entrepreneurs and other professionals to meet and work together with other successful entrepreneurs, well-established venture capitalists and use business tools that can help them grow. The company also provides entrepreneurs access to resources, mentorship and other effective business programs.

17) Founders DEN

Founders Den is a shared office space and private club for entrepreneurs across California. The company follows a selective approach when it comes to their startup community; they are primarily focused on inviting experienced entrepreneurs and graduates of accelerator programs.

18) NewMe

NewMe is a business accelerator founded by Angela Benton in 2011. It has accelerated hundreds of business owners with the use of an online platform, accelerators and an equity portfolio. NewMe is also a pioneer when it comes to assisting Silicon Valley entrepreneurs assess their strengths using non-traditional backgrounds.

19) SVG Partners

SVG Partners is an investment, technology and advisory firm that partners with different organizations to bring about strategy, innovation and global expansion. The private company is founded by expert technology executives across California who have one unified goal: to assist businesses in all phases of development. SVG provides funds, accelerator programs, advisory and engineering services.

20) NextSpace

NextSpace is a shared workspace or coworking community designed for startup founders, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, freelancers and remote workers. The shared workspace forges a collaborative working community where both members, as well as their business, grow and thrive. NextSpace introduces “The NextSpace Effect” to their clients; it is composed of three core values: flexibility, opportunity and community.

21) Parisoma

Parisoma is an open community/open space where ideas meet execution. The company nurtures an experimental working environment with special emphasis on openness and collaboration. To make sure that this kind of environment is sustained, Parisoma initiates coworking, events and education. For 6 years, Parisoma has hosted 500 founders, designers and developers as they transform their ideas into reality.

22) Plug and Play

Plug and Play is a global innovation platform intended for startups, corporations and investors. Each year, Plug and Play reviews 4,000 startups and invests in more than 100 accelerator programs. All year round, the company has 365 networking events, space on demand, corporate introductions and an ultimate startup ecosystem. They also have a list of amazing programs which entrepreneurs can choose from and join.

23) SpherePad

SpherePad is a coworking space in California with three major locations: North Beach, SF and Santa Rosa. The coworking space is home to creative minds with different professional backgrounds. SpherePad aims to provide open, effective and cost-efficient working spaces for professionals who need an alternative working environment. The company has virtual office spaces, state-of-the-art amenities and equipment, meeting facilities, workstations, office supplies, conference phones and many other services.

24) StartupHouse

StartupHouse is a coworking space designed for new entrepreneurs who wish to work in a creative and open working atmosphere that will enable them to turn their ideas into successful projects. StartupHouse fosters a place where you have the freedom to work at your own pace and surround yourself with like minded professionals who are goal-oriented and hardworking. The coworking space is located at the heart of Silicon Valley, thus, it is highly accessible.

25) T-Jump

T-Jump is an Odtu Teknokent Initiative located in San Francisco, California. The goal of T-Jump is to promote the technological entrepreneurship growth in Turkey and encourage a healthy work ecosystem where foreign R&D and venture investment will thrive. T-Jump has the following services: network building, fundraising, technology marketing, public relations, business development and sales opportunity follow-up. They also provide office spaces and bootcamps.

26) 1920C

1920C is a creativity hub and coworking space that supports entrepreneurs, artists and freelancers. The company offers the following: WiFi, printing and scanning, hourly rates, day rates, a full-time desk space, an art gallery space, a meeting room rental and an event space rental.

27) The Muse Rooms

The Muse Rooms is an affordable shared coworking space that supports talented professionals. The coworking space has 6 distinct work environments that provides facilities such as a kitchen, bathroom, board room; and things like free WiFi, free water, free coffee, free tea, free social mixers, seminars, printer and more. The main goal of Muse Rooms is to be the number 1 provider of mobile offices in North Hollywood.

28) Nomad-A-What

Nomad-A-What is an international coworking community designed for digital wanderers, travelers and small startups. The company has a monthly membership fee of $200, cheaper by $200 than most cities offer. They offer entrepreneurs with the best facilities and equipment, plus – free coffee and tea.

29) Cross Campus

Cross Campus is located in Los Angeles and provides beautifully designed workplaces for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Cross Campus is a community of creative professionals who work hand-in-hand to develop fresh and innovative ideas that will contribute to economic expansion. They also schedule inspirational and motivational events on a regular basis.

30) Impact Hub

Impact Hub Berkeley is a coworking and events space designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals who work together to achieve social and environmental change. The company boasts of modern physical amenities and infrastructure. However, what the company values the most is bringing people together to an open and creative space.

31) Laptop Lounge

Laptop Lounge is an inspirational shared workspace and community built for entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals. The company provides great work spaces for those who are looking for an alternative work environment where they can concentrate and nurture their thoughts and ideas. Some of the services they offer include a virtual office, business address and mail service, event rentals and a reliable receptionist.

32) WayFare

WayFare is an all-in-one coworking, events, workshops and startup incubator that aims to foster a collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs, freelancers and business professionals. It is a coworking community where creative minds work, celebrate and have fun together while creating new ideas. They offer the best office spaces and office supplies and even offers affordable hourly and monthly rates.

33) Village Workspaces

Village Workspaces is an open and creative coworking space for freelancers, startups and growing businesses. It offers beautiful private offices fit for any team size, flexible memberships, conference and event rooms, fast internet services, business address and mail services and 24-hour access.



1) Action Coach

Action Coach’s Karie Kaufmann aims to assist San Diego business owners come up with a more profitable and enjoyable business venture. With her vast years of experience and expertise, Karie has helped hundreds of business owners accomplish their business goals and gear up their business for the next level of success.

2) Donna Schilder

Donna Schilder believes in coaching the person as a whole so that her expert coaching services integrates leadership, executive, career, job search, and small business coaching into one entire program of life coaching. With her vast coaching experience coupled with her certifications and training and her business acumen, Donna Schilder can provide a holistic approach to setting your business goals.

3) Rudkins Small Business Solutions

Rudkins Small Business Solutions recognizes that there is a vast difference between large and small businesses. Hence, Rudkins is focused on helping small businesses begin successfully by providing sound business advice on all aspects of your startup. From legal requirements to how to filter your target market; these can all be supplied to you through a proven business model and planning tool.

4) Dearborn Media Group

With a wealth of experience as a marketing expert with almost two decades of consultancy services provided, the Dearborn Media Group provides excellent and time-tested business consulting services. With a free Business Analysis session, you can take the first step towards business success. From there, Edwin will help you to work on your business ideas and how to achieve favorable results.

5) Greg Clowminzer

Greg Clowminzer is a premier business coach with over 10,000 hours of real-time business and leadership coaching experience. As a business coach, Greg consults with small business entrepreneurs and assists them in setting a clear path to their vision, set unique strategies for progress, and foster the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful entrepreneurs.

6) The Small Business Law Firm

The Small Business Law Firm is the law firm of choice of small business entrepreneurs in California. The firm provides a wide range of business legal services to provide timely solutions to challenges faced regularly by small businesses within the state. More than their business-oriented approach to providing services, the Small Business Law Firm values the relationships with their clients, thus rendering services that meet or exceed expectations.

7) Bend Law Group

The Bend Law Group is a San Francisco-based law firm composed of the state’s leading small business lawyers as well as experienced startup attorneys. Bend Law Group’s team of expert lawyers work together with their clients to help startups finally get started and for small businesses to become successful.

8) Gehres Law Group, PC

The Gehres Law Group is a group of experienced business lawyers that is equipped to handle all kinds of legal concerns and manage a variety of legal services. From local business regulations, building codes and regulations, business and professions code, contracts and financial transaction laws to advertising and marketing laws; the Gehres Law Group works diligently to protect the interests of your small business.

9) Stanwyck Law

The Law Offices of Peter M. Stanwyck focuses on business relationships and commercial transactions for small businesses. They specialize in representing startups and providing effective, practical legal solutions to small businesses. In addition, Peter M. Stanwyck also renders business coaching sessions to startups who need counseling from the perspective of a legal practitioner.

10) USC Small Business Clinic

It is the primary goal of the USC Small Business Clinic to render basic legal assistance to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the greater Los Angeles area who cannot pay for the current market rates of legal practitioners.  To qualify for this consultation clinic, you have to submit an application that will be screened by the supervising attorney.

11) Orange County Business Attorney Blog

Tony Liu, the man behind the Orange County Business Attorney Blog is an experienced trial advocate who provides aggressive representation to his clients. He mainly handles commercial and business litigation. With his advanced trial practice techniques and advanced professional training, Tony Liu is a respected and formidable trial lawyer who has won many cases for his clients.

12) EPW Small Business Law

EPW or Elizabeth Potts Weinstein Small Business Law is a firm that caters to small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, artists and professionals who are seeking legal representation. Elizabeth Potts Weinstein is the lawyer behind the firm; aside from running her law firm, she is also a writer, mom and explorer. She helps clients solve legal issues, draft legal contracts, structure startups and assist in building a business right.

13) Ari Law

Ari Law is a trusted and credible law firm in the Bay Area that provides legal representation to clients. They specialize in business litigation, corporate law, intellectual property and unfair competition. Their clients range from large companies, startups, professionals and individuals who are seeking help to resolve legal problems and issues.

14) Bend Law Group

Bend Law Group is a reliable law firm that specializes in assisting small businesses and startups succeed. Based in San Francisco, Bend Law Group provides legal counsel and focuses on 4 important areas: startup companies, commercial transactions, small businesses and intellectual property. Under small businesses, Bend Law Group offers the following services: entity formation, partnership and operating agreements, employee agreements, angel round financing, buying and selling a business, dissolving entities and a lot more.

15) Kalia Law

Kalia Law Firm is an experienced law firm that represents entrepreneurs and small business owners helping them with business formation, business name selection, document preparation and business permit and licenses applications. They protect intellectual property, with services such as trademark registration and patents. Kalia also advises business owners on the necessary steps that they can take to grow their business including hiring the right employees, choosing the right investments and handling equity.

16) White Summers

White Summers law firm lives up to its tagline, “Law without borders”. The firm offers assertive representation and business coaching and legal services to entrepreneurs, startups and growing companies. Some of the services they offer include: business structuring and formation, company representation in financing, transactional representation, corporate governance issues and a lot more.

17) Small Business Sector

Doing What Matters is a framework under the California Community Colleges that invests fund and resources to startups and small businesses to create jobs and promote economic expansion. The Small Business Sector collaborates with education and industry agencies to serve California’s small business industry better.

18) Growth Source Coaching

Growth Source Coaching is a business and executive coaching company that offers quality and personalized business services to businesses, entrepreneurs and other professionals who want to be on top of their game. Professionals and businesses who want to learn and fast track their success can benefit from GSC’s business and personal development resources such as online articles, audio podcasts and videos.

19) On Track Success Coaching

On Track Success Coaching is a business coaching firm in California, managed by two expert consultants, Tasha Manzano and Kathy Nelson. The firm ensures clients of quality services and timely business advice and mentorship on time management, goal and objective setting and going through business challenges.

20) Focal Point

Focal Point is a business coaching firm that helps business owners and executives take on 4 common challenges: time, team, sales and organizational development. At Focal Point, they assist professionals in setting-up realistic and achievable business objectives and provide a wide array of solutions that are customizable to meet the needs of every professional or business.

22) JR Martin

JR Martin and Associates is an accounting firm that is fully committed in assisting individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners maintain financial health and stability. The company’s main goal is to provide quality accounting and tax services. JR Martin and Associates’ services include tax management, bookkeeping, QuickBooks training, payroll management, accounting, business formation and much more.

23) Schadler Business Services

Schadler Business Services is a small business specialist that provides the best services to its clients by following 3 business principles: professionalism, responsiveness and quality. The company helps both businesses and individuals; they also provide tax and QuickBooks services. Under business services, they have services like payroll management, small business accounting, cash flow management, bank financing management, and succession planning, to mention a few.

24) Hubbell & Associates, Inc

Hubbell and Associates is a financial and business consulting firm that offer services like business and individual tax preparation, monthly bookkeeping, QuickBooks training and payroll management. The company also provides clients with a library where they can gain access to  articles, best practices, newsletters, reports, white papers and other useful resources.

25) Elite Financial Company

Elite Financial Company is an accounting and tax service company that specializes in assisting small businesses and startups. The company offers financial solutions so that entrepreneurs can concentrate on running their business and making profits instead of focusing on recording their books. Elite Financial Company has 3 major services: business, tax and QuickBooks services.

26) Law Office of Jonas M. Grant

The Law Office of Jonas M. Grant is a California law firm that specializes in providing services on areas such as corporate and business entity law, employment and independent contractor law, business law, estate planning, entertainment law and a lot more. They help individuals, organizations and small businesses succeed.

27) California Counsel Group

California Counsel Group is a company made up of entrepreneurs who want to help new entrepreneurs who are still starting out in the business industry. They help entrepreneurs start, grow and fund their startups while staying on budget. The company also provides expert tools, tips and guidance to ensure that every entrepreneur starts on the right foot.

28) Law Office of Edward W. Freedman

The Law Office of Edward W. Freedman assists entrepreneurs in starting and maintaining their startup. Edward W. Freedman is an experienced and seasoned lawyer who has handled many business litigation cases, he is also highly skilled in resolving business issues and conflicts in the following areas: contract and corporate disputes, dissolution of business, shareholder disputes, wrongful termination, professional negligence and collection cases.

29) Law Office Of Christopher Schlies

Christopher Schlies is a small business attorney in Pleasanton, California that represents small businesses within the area by giving them timely business and legal advice and guidance. With over 30 years of experience and service in business law, the Law Office of Christopher Schlies understands all the legal issues that can affect the feasibility and success of a startup. Aside from this, Christopher Schlies runs a family owned business, so he also has vast knowledge and experience in running a business.

30) Bowen Law Firm

Bowen Law Firm is a business law firm that provides comprehensive legal representation to new and growing businesses. William Bowen, the man behind the law firm is an experienced lawyer who offers consulting and litigation services. The firm will also help you with business planning, contracting and negotiation.



1) Business Planning

Business planning is vital to a business’ continuous successful operations and longevity. A business plan provides a host of advantages that your business will constantly benefit from. A business plan provides a sense of purpose and direction to your startup, which is vital so your business can evolve with time and adapt to changing trends. The length of a business plan varies, it can be a single page of concise presentation of your entire venture or hundreds of pages of formal documentation. Regardless of the nature of your business or the length of your business plan, you can make one through LivePlan or Enloop.

2) Online Incorporation Service

As you start a business in California, you have to incorporate it to become a legal entity. You have to submit a number of requirements in the form of different paperwork. While you can do the incorporation task yourself, online incorporation service providers can take care of the whole thing for you. Companies such as CorpNet, MyCorporation, and Direct Incorporation have been incorporating thousands of businesses across the country for a good number of years with service satisfaction guarantee.

3) Building a Business Website

A business website is an indispensable element to a successful venture. If you do not have a website for your business, you get left behind in the dark ages. The great thing about designing a customized website today is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars nor be technically savvy to do so. With the help of a website builder like Rainmaker or Bluehost, you can easily come up with a fully customized beautiful website.

4) Accounting Software

Gone are the days when you have to do your books manually or keep track of your expenses with all that paperwork. With the advent of small business accounting software, you can automate almost every facet of your business’ accounting, bookkeeping, and financial transactions. Applications such as Xero, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks are just some of these amazing small business accounting tools.


Wrapping Up and Starting a Business in California

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessGoing through all the resources in this guide may seem a bit daunting and exhausting at first, but as soon as you begin to start a business, you will realize that these are very helpful, especially if you’re a newbie entrepreneur.

At the end of the day, the discretion to use these resources lies on your shoulder. If you want to take your new business to new heights, these are definitely worth a try! Good Luck!

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