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5 Incorporation Resources for Connecticut Startups

Online Incorporation Resources

So … you’re planning to incorporate your business in Connecticut?

Good thinking, you’re in the right path! But let me tell you this straight, incorporating your business is not easy; it’s a time-consuming and energy-draining process that you needs needs thorough preparation and mind-conditioning. Not to mention, you need to have all the patience in the world to successfully surpass this process.

While it’s best that you go through the incorporation process yourself, it can be intimidating to start a Corporation in Connecticut or an LLC all on your own, specially for first-time business owners or new entrepreneurs. There are so many steps involved in incorporation and if you don’t have the knowledge and experience, it can be mind boggling.

Seeking assistance from an online incorporation service is not a bad idea at all. They can ease your workload and allow you to concentrate on more important things. If you’re currently looking around for some credible and reliable online incorporation providers, here are 5 resources that I highly recommend, check them out!


1) IncFile | $49

IncFile Review

Incfile – does the name ring a bell? Most probably it does! IncFile is an online incorporation service which is popular among entrepreneurs because of its affordable plans.

However, it doesn’t just have that to boast, the incorporation service also has the right features to help you complete your incorporation.

To give you a bit of idea, here are some of its excellent offerings:

IncFile was launched in 2004 and since then it has assisted more than 50,000 business owners worldwide. You can read more about the incorporation provider by checking out our IncFile review.


2) CorpNet | $79

CorpNet ReviewIf you’re looking for an online incorporation service that will have your best interest at heart, CorpNet may be the provider for you. CorpNet was founded by a husband-wife team of entrepreneurs from Southern California in 2009.

As a small business themselves, they are very understanding and accommodating of small businesses like you. They will genuinely take care of your company from incorporation even until the process is completed.

With affordable pricing, plus quality services, many entrepreneurs are turning to CorpNet for help. Here are some of the services they offer:

If you use CorpNet exclusively here, you’ll be able to get the STARTUP10, which will give you a 10% discount upon checkout. For the full details of this provider, read our comprehensive CorpNet review.


3) MyCorporation | $69

MyCorporation ReviewMyCorporation is one of the most trusted and experienced online incorporation services in the industry. It was launched in 1999 and has an A+ BBB rating since then. Proving its track record, the provider has assisted over half a million entrepreneurs worldwide.

It has all the features that usual incorporation providers have. Here, I’m going to give you a glimpse of some of CorpNet’s unique and different features:

All these and more, are just some of MyCorporation’s great features. Want to read further? Check our MyCorporation review now.


4) LegalZoom  | $149

IncFile vs LegalZoom reviewIf there’s one incorporation service that I would say is one of the elites of the elites, it would be LegalZoom. Like MyCorporation, LegalZoom is also an experienced incorporation provider that has assisted over 1 million LLCs and Corporations in the last 12 years.

LegalZoom knows all the ins and outs of online incorporation, its services are one of the best in the market. While it may be one of the most expensive, it remains popular among entrepreneurs because of its swift, highly organized and efficient service.

To know why many business owners prefer to use LegalZoom, here’s a sneak peek of its awesome features!

LegalZoom is definitely an online incorporation service that’s worth trying. You can even avail of a 10% off promo code if you decide to incorporate with them now. Learn more about this great deal and the complete information for this provide by reading our complete IncFile review.


5) Rocket Lawyer | $99

Rocket Lawyer ReviewIf there’s an incorporation service that can be classified as the elite of the elites, it would most definitely be Rocket Lawyer.

Rocket Lawyer is a premier online incorporation service that has been in the industry for the longest time; it has assisted 20million+ entrepreneurs incorporate their business – a number that is unmatched by the majority of incorporation services, it has an A+ BBB rating and a track record that is untarnished.

Rocket Lawyer also has one of the most unique methods of availing for service. You can either become a member and avail of their incorporation service for free or be a non-member and still pay an affordable price of $99.

Here are some of Rocket Lawyer’s excellent features:

Aside from these, Rocket Lawyer is the only provider that can give you full support when it comes to availing of legal services. Check out the complete details, read our Rocket Lawyer review.


Wrapping Up and Choosing an Online Incorporation Service

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessAs expected, just like any other kind of service, an online incorporation service has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But don’t let the disadvantages stop you from using their services.

You know what? I’ve been through your phase and it really is a great relief to have professionals help you out. You get a little sense of peace knowing that your documents are taken cared of efficiently.

When all’s said and done, you’ll see just how reliable an online incorporation service can be. Look into each one of these resources and I’m sure you’ll find the right fit for you and your business!

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