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10 Reasons You Should Use Bluehost

Bluehost PricingBluehost is one of the largest web hosting firms on the market and it is currently hosting well over 1.9 million websites. So if you want to start a website or a WordPress-based blog, Bluehost is a company that can help you.

Bluehost stands out from the competition, offers some of the best features, and has affordable pricing. Aside from all this, the company also gives a lot of perks and freebies – which I’ll mention below.

Here are 10 more reasons why I chose to build Startup Savant (this website) on Bluehost and why I think you should consider it too.

Quick Note: If you decide Bluehost is right to host your future website and would like to give it a shot for just $3.49/month, try it risk free with their 30 day month back guarantee. Enjoy!

1) 99.9% uptime guaranteed

Bluehost ensures you that your website will always be up and running. Unlike other web hosting services, Bluehost seldom has technical issues like loading and crashing. With Bluehost’s 99.9% uptime guarantee, your website is available 24/7.

2) WordPress installation

WordPress is a widely used blogging platform all over the world and Bluehost understands this. They have created a one-click WordPress install that you can use to start your WordPress website in seconds. Also, if you have multiple WordPress sites, you can even install them on the same web hosting account.

3) Branded email accounts and unlimited bandwidth

For every Bluehost account you sign-up for, you get to have free business emails so you don’t have to use paid services such as Google Apps. By using Bluehost, you get to save extra money.

Aside from the free branded emails, Bluehost gives you unlimited bandwidth so you can store as much information or data as you want without slowing down your website.

4) Easy-to-use interface

Bluehost has user-friendly dashboard so you don’t have to worry if you’re not so tech-savvy because it’s very convenient to use. You can browse and navigate your account without problems and a chat support is always available if you need help.

5) Freebies and discounts

Once you sign-up with Bluehost, expect lots of exciting surprises such as freebies and discounts. Some of Bluehost’s most noted freebies include its free branded emails and free domain. The longer you stay with Bluehost, the more freebies and discounts you’ll be able to take advantage of. It’s Bluehost’s way of showing their appreciation for your trust and confidence in them.

6) Google advertising credit

When you sign-up with Bluehost, you’ll automatically get a $100 worth of Google advertising credit, which you can use to promote your blog or website. This is rarely offered by other web hosting firms so this is an edge for Bluehost.

7) Highly accessible customer support

Since Bluehost is a web application, it’s very important that a customer support team is always available to assist users if they have questions and other concerns. Bluehost’s customer services is one of the most accessible in the entire industry, you just have to ping them once and they’ll be glad to help you in any way they can! (Note: I’ve personally been very pleased with this feature.)

8) Unlimited domains

Purchase one Bluehost account and set-up multiple websites with it – the web hosting firm allows you to have as much as 200 websites on your account. This will not only help you save a lot of money, it’s also very convenient to people like myself.

9) Reliable

Bluehost has a world-class data center and one of the fastest web hosting services. Today, they have a recorded account of more than 1.9 million websites and they will continue to grow more in the coming years.

10) Offers affordable prices

Aside from its great features and reliability, I have found Bluehost hard to beat when it comes to pricing. Keep reading to see Bluehost’s pricing.


BlueHost pricing & guarantee:

Bluehost has three pricing plans: the Starter, the Plus and the Business Pro.

Bluehost will not bill you monthly, its payment structure is on a yearly basis so you don’t have to worry of receiving a bill every month. Below is a table that will show you Bluehost’s plans, their specific features and prices (calculated to you monthly).

Bluehost Plans and Pricing

These prices are very reasonable considering all the features and perks you get. The Business Pro has complete features and has the highest performance among the three, however, the Plus is the more popular one – although not complete, its features contain all the necessary services you need.

Bluehost also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. This way you can try their web hosting risk-free – and get a full refund if you don’t see the value in it like I do.

These are just some of Bluehost’s best features and there are many more reasons why I chose to host this website (and 3 others) with Bluehost. No, it’s not dirt cheap like a few other hosting companies. But if you want to make sure your website is good hands and still stay on a budget, I highly recommend looking into Bluehost.

You can visit their website Bluehost.com for more details or you can read our complete review.

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